How To Maintain the Zodiac X7 Suction Cleaner


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To keep your Zodiac X7 Suction Cleaner functioning at maximum performance you should clean it periodically. This guide shows your the steps to take in maintaining and storing your Cleaner.

Step by Step


Step 1

RINSE CLEANER - Whenever you take the Zodiac X7 Suction Cleaner out of the water, rinse off the pool water with a hose.

Step 2

CHECK DIAPHRAGM - Turn the Cleaner over and check the Diaphragm for blockage. If required, clear debris from the Diaphragm by gently pushing it through to the other side.

Step 3

CHECK FOOT PADS - Replace the Foot Pads when the depths of the channels between the threads are 1/16" or less.

Step 4

INSPECT DIAPHRAGM - Periodically remove the Diaphragm from the Cleaner and inspect it for damage. Click here to see our guide on removing the Diaphragm: How To Replace the Zodiac X7 Diaphragm.

Step 5

STORING CLEANER COILS - Never coil the hose. Separate them in sections so that you have room to lay them out straight. Straighten a coiled hose by laying it in the sun for a day.

Step 6

STORING CLEANER - When the Cleaner is out of the pool, keep the discs flat to avoid warping. Never store Cleaner in direct sunlight.

Step 7

WINTER STORAGE - When storing for the winter, drain all water from the Cleaner. Remove all connectors and adapters from the dedicated suction line or skimmer. Store the Disc flat, disconnect hose sections, drain them and store them straight.



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