How to replace a Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Wheel Bearing


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The Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Wheel Bearing is key to your unit's wheel stability and movement. If one of your wheels is not functional your cleaner will not operate effectively.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools you will need. 1) Flat-head screwdriver - small and medium. 2) A work area where you can spread out. TIP: It is very important that you are careful when taking this apart. If you lay all the pieces out in a row as you remove them, it will be easier to put back together.

Step 2

First turn off your booster pump and disconnect from the dedicated pressure cleaner line from pool port, then remove your cleaner from the pool.

Step 3

To access the Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Wheel the hub cover must be removed. To do this take a tool of your choosing to pop off the lid by prying it up using the small notch in the hub.

Step 4

Once the hub cover is out you can now move onto to extracting the wheel screw. Use a flat-head screw driver to remove this screw. After the screw is out you can take out the washer as well and sit to the side.

Step 5

The Letro Pool Cleaner Wheel is now free to be taken off its axle. Do this by gripping both sides of the wheel and pulling straight off the axle. Replacement Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Axle part #: 3280-27

Step 6

Take this time to inspect the different parts of the wheel, like the wheel axle, wheel bearing, tire and drive shaft (depending on which wheel you are replacing there may not be a drive shaft). Replacement Letro Legend Pool Cleaner Axle part #: 3280-27, Wheel Bearing Set of 2 part #: 3280-37P, Tire part #: 3283-280, Drive Shaft part #: 3280-05

Step 7

To replace the bearing you must first extract the old or damaged ones. A simple way of doing that is to insert your finger into the wheel axle hole and pull out the bearing. Once one side is out you can push or pull the other out of place.

Step 8

Before installing the new Letro Legend Cleaner Wheel Bearings take a look at them to find the notched sides of each bearing side. When installed in the wheel the bearings notched ends should be facing one another. An example of how they should look when installed in the wheel in shown in the picture.

Step 9

Now to install the Letro Legend Cleaner Wheel back onto your cleaner.

Step 10

Slide the wheel onto the axle. If the wheel being replaced is one with a drive shaft be sure to spin the wheel to check that the shaft is in contact with the grooves inside the wheel. If the shaft is in place then both wheels connected to the shaft should turn ate the same rate.

Step 11

Once the wheel is properly seated on the axle, place the Letro Pool Cleaner Wheel Washer and screw into place to secure the wheel to the cleaner.

Step 12

Place the wheel cover into place by aligning the notches the slot the cover and wheel. These points are highlighted in this picture.

Step 13

Once the wheel is in place check the integrity of the wheel for any odd behavior when doing test turns of the wheel. If you find no further defects than you may continure enjoying your Letro Legend Pool Cleaner.



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