How To Replace a Maytronics Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaner Impeller Cover


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This guide shows you how to replace the Maytronics Dolphin Triton Impeller Cover in the event that it breaks.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only part you will require for this procedure is the Maytronics Dolphin Triton Impeller Cover.

Step 2

UNSCREW IMPELLER COVER - The Impeller cover is secured into the top of the Cover Assembly with 2 screws. Remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. Do not use a power drill. You run the risk of stripping the threads.

Step 3

LIFT OFF IMPELLER COVER - The Impeller Cover is in flush with the Cover Assembly. You may need to use a small screwdriver to gently pry it out of the Assembly.

Step 4

INSTALL NEW IMPELLER COVER - Place the new Impeller Cover into the top of the Cover Assembly. Work it around the Floating Cord connection first then lay the other end down. Make sure the Cover is flush with the Cover Assembly.

Step 5

SECURE THE IMPELLER COVER - Screw in the two screws to secure the Impeller Cover. Hand tighten with a manual screwdriver. DO NOT over tighten.

Step 6

CLEANER IS READY - That's all there is to replacing the Impeller Cover. Your Cleaner is ready to go



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