How to replace Dolphin Advantage Bottom Lid Assembly Parts


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The Dolphin Advantage pool cleaner's Bottom Lid Assembly is the part of the cleaner that contains the filter bag and suction ports. We offer a parts package Bottom Lid Assembly which contains most replacement parts for pieces on this item. Replacement parts for Bottom Lid Assembly, part #: 3295-424

Step by Step


Step 1

With your Dolphin pool cleaner sitting bottom side up, your vantage point should as pictured to the left. First you must remove the Bottom Lid Assembly by unfastening the Dolphin cleaner's yellow clips and and pulling out the assembly. Replacement Bottom Lid Assembly part #: 3295-180, Parts for Bottom lid (including yellow clips) part #: 3295-424

Step 2

As the Bottom Lid Assembly of the Dolphin Pool Cleaner is sitting flat you should see the two filter bag clips that help maintain the bag's shape while in use and keeps the bag in place as well. To replace simply pull off, after doing so take time to inspect the bag to be sure there is no damage, if so you can follow the tips on how to replace the Dolphin Advantage Filter Bag in our "How to" guides. Replacement Dolphin Cleaner Filter Bag part #: 3295-170

Step 3

To replace the Dolphin pool cleaner's yellow clips you must locate the screw on the opposite side of the clip on the inside of the bottom lid assembly. After unscrewing that, you can inspects the two arms bracket and the plastic washer to find the damage.

Step 4

If you must replace the entire clip, place the actual clip portion flat onto the bottom of the lid and on the opposite side of the assembly, first place the two armed slide into the brackets then the plastic washer onto that, secure into place with screw.

Step 5

To replace the Dolphin Advantange pool cleaner's non return flap, first you must remove the screws to the non return flap base, once removed you can dismount the flap and base, remove the spring of the flap by pinching the coils and sliding each one off its bracket. Replacement Bottom Lid Spring, part #: 3295-024, Non Return Flap Base, part #: 3295-041, Non Return Flap, Part #: 3295-126

Step 6

Once removed you can no install the new non return flap and base for Dolphin pool cleaner, place flap return port then set the support hinge of the base over the pivot of the return flap and screw base into place

Step 7

Open and close flaps to be certain that the spring action closes the flap completely. If not recheck the installation of the spring. If there are no other issues you may resume operation of your Dolphin Advantage pool cleaner.


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 Posted: 8/31/2019 

Anyone else find that the robot works better (climbs walls easier) if you remove the springs from the non return flaps?

 Posted: 6/4/2012 

I am purchasing the dolphin cleaner parts and working on it this weekend.