How To Replace Maytronics Dolphin Triton Tracks


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The Maytronics Dolphin Triton Tracks are the belts that connect the gear on the motor shaft to the drive gears on each end of the Brushes. There are two tracks, One on each side. Over time these tracks wear and stretch to the point where they have to be replaced. This guide shows you the steps required to replace these tracks.

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The main function of this guide is to show how to replace the Tracks so that is your first set of parts of order. However, while you are replacing these tracks, you might also consider replacing the 2 Drive Pulleys and 4 Guide Wheels that support and drive the tracks.

Step 2

IDENTIFY SIDES - For the purposes of this discussion, the right side of the Maytronics Dolphin Triton Cleaner will be designated as the side closest to the Power Cable.

Step 3

UNSCREW IMPELLER COVER - To access the Tracks, you will need to remove the outside shell of the Cleaner. The parts of the shell include: the Impeller Cover; the Cover Assembly; the left and right Side Panels; and the left and right Lower Side Panels. First remove the Impeller cover. It is secured into the top of the Cover Assembly with 2 screws. Remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 4

LIFT OFF IMPELLER COVER - The Impeller Cover is in flush with the Cover Assembly. You may need to use a small screwdriver to gently pry an edge out of the Assembly.

Step 5

UNSCREW COVER ASSEMBLY - Remove the 4 corner screws that hold the top Cover Assembly to the Cleaner.

Step 6

LIFT OFF COVER ASSEMBLY - Lift the Cover Assembly up off of the top of the Cleaner. You will have to thread the Cover Assembly along the power cord to get it back out of the way.

Step 7

UNSCREW RIGHT SIDE PANEL - Turn the Cleaner on its left side and remove the 2 screws that hold the blue panel to the right side of the cleaner. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to manually remove the screws. You risk the chance of stripping the plastic screw sockets if you use a power drill.

Step 8

LIFT OFF THE RIGHT SIDE PANEL - Lift the Right Side Panel straight up off of the wheel posts.

Step 9

REMOVE RIGHT SIDE DRIVE PULLEY - Lift the Drive Pulley off of the Hexagon Adapter.

Step 10

REMOVE RIGHT SIDE GUIDE WHEEL 1 - There are 2 Guide Wheels on either side of the Drive Pulley to help keep it taunt. Lift one Guide Wheel off its post.

Step 11

REMOVE RIGHT SIDE GUIDE WHEEL 2 - Lift the other Guide Wheel off its post.

Step 12

REMOVE HEXAGON ADAPTER - When you take off the Right Side Drive Pulley you will see a steel Hexagon Adapter sitting on the drive shaft of the motor. Lift this adapter off and store it where it won't get lost.

Step 13

REMOVE LOWER RIGHT PANEL (1) - The Lower Side Panels are held on by 5 tabs that click into slots in the frame of the Cleaner - 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Set the Cleaner upright and release the two top tabs by pressing down on each tab and pushing them through their respective slots.

Step 14

REMOVE LOWER RIGHT PANEL (2) - Gently pull the top of the Lower Right Panel back away from the Cleaner. This should release the bottom three tabs. If not, push the bottom tabs up to free them from their slots. Do not put a lot of pressure on these tabs or they may break.

Step 15

REMOVE RIGHT SIDE TRACK - With the Lower Panel removed, you should be able to lift the Track off the gears on the ends of the Brushes and remove it from the Cleaner.

Step 16

CHECK GUIDE WHEELS AND DRIVE PULLEYS - Look at the two Guide Wheels and one Drive Pulleys for wear and to make sure the bearings are sound and turn easily. If not replace them.

Step 17

PLACE RIGHT SIDE TRACK - Place a new Track on the right side over the end gears of the two Brushes. Put the big feet out. Either Track can be used. They are identical.

Step 18

IDENTIFY LOWER SIDE PANELS - The Lower Side Panels are slightly different. The Lower Side Panel for the left side has "whiskers" on its ends. The right Lower Side Panel does not.

Step 19

REPLACE LOWER RIGHT PANEL (1) - Replacing a Lower Panel is a two-step process. First install the top of the Panel by inserting the two top tabs into the slots provided.

Step 20

REPLACE LOWER RIGHT PANEL (2) - Next, with the top in place, rotate the bottom end of the Panel down to the top of the edge of the frame. The three bottom tabs will line up with their slots. Push the bottom of the Panel down until the three tabs click into their slots.

Step 21

REPLACE HEXAGON ADAPTER - Replace the slotted end of the Hexagon Adapter onto the Motor Drive Shaft. -

Step 22

REPLACE RIGHT SIDE DRIVE PULLEY - Place the Track on the Right Side Drive Pulley and place the Pulley onto the Hexagon Adapter. Make sure the Pulley is pushed all the way down onto the Hexagon Adapter

Step 23

VIEW GUIDE WHEELS - When you replace the Guide Wheels, make sure that the slots line up and engage the tabs at the base of the Guide Wheel post.

Step 24

REPLACE RIGHT SIDE GUIDE WHEEL 1 - Place the slotted end of one of the Guide Wheels onto the post left of the Drive Pulley. You may have to pull the Track down slightly away from the Guide Wheel to set the Guide Wheel on its post.

Step 25

REPLACE RIGHT SIDE GUIDE WHEEL 2 - Place the other Guide Wheel onto the post on the right side of the Drive Pulley. Here you might need to have someone else pull the Track down to provide enough room to set the Guide Wheel on its post.

Step 26

CHECK WHEEL PLACEMENT - Make sure that the 2 Guide Wheels and the Drive Pulley are pushed all the way to the wall. The slots in the Guide Wheels have to be engaged with the ribs on the posts. They sometime shift out when you're putting on the other wheel or pulley. Also push the track as far onto the wheels as it will go.

Step 27

REPLACE RIGHT SIDE PANEL - Place the Right Side Panel over the posts of the Drive Pulley and the 2 Guide Wheels. The Drive Pulley may be cocked at an angle because of the tension of the Track. You may have to push up on the Pulley to straighten it in order to fit the Side Panel over its post.

Step 28

SCREW DOWN RIGHT SIDE PANEL - After you have ensured that the Side Panel is placed all the way down on the three posts, secure the Right Side Panel with 2 screws.

Step 29

REPLACE THE LEFT SIDE TRACK - With the replacement of the right side track complete, now replace the left side track using the same procedure as described above for the Right Side Track. The procedure is the same except there is no Hexagon Adapter. The motor only drives the right side. A tip on reassembly: Since there is no Hexagon Adapter you can use a short 3/8" dowel to straighten up the Pulley when you slide the Left Side Panel onto its posts. See picture.

Step 30

VIEW COVER ASSEMBLY - When you replace the Cover Assembly, make sure the three tabs at each corner of the Cover Assembly line up and engage the slots on the Cleaner.

Step 31

REPLACE COVER ASSEMBLY - Thread the Cover Assembly cover back over the power cord and place it on top of the Cleaner. Secure it with the 4 corner screws.

Step 32

REPLACE IMPELLER COVER - Replace the Impeller Cover into the Cover Assembly. Make sure it is flush and secure it with 2 screws.

Step 33

CLEANER IS READY - Check that you do not have any extra pieces that weren't installed. If not, your Cleaner is ready to go.



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