How To Replace the Zodiac X7 Engine Assembly


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This guide shows you how to replace the Zodiac X7 Engine Assembly in the event that major parts of the Assembly are damaged.

Things You'll Need

Step by Step


Step 1

ORDER PARTS - The part you will need to order for this procedure is the Zodiac X7 Engine Assembly. Click: ENGINE ASSEMBLY for our link to this part. The Engine Assembly has four parts including: OUTER EXTENSION PIPE; INNER EXTENSION PIPE; CUP ASSEMBLY; DIAPHRAGM

Step 2

UNLOCK HANDLE - To access the Zodiac X7 Engine Assembly, you must first remove the Zodiac X7 Main Body Cover. To free the Cover, unlock the Handle by pushing up in the two locks on either side of the Handle. They just slide up out of the slots in the Cover.

Step 3

PUSH HANDLE BACK - The base of the Handle engages slots on the sides of the Cover. To disengage the Cover, push the Handle all the way back.

Step 4

PULL MAIN BODY COVER OUT - Pull the Cover straight out towards the front of the Cleaner.

Step 5

PULL OUT ENGINE ASSEMBLY - Pull the Engine Assembly out of the Lower Body Assembly. This is a two-step process. First lift the end of the Engine Assembly up so that the Thrust Washer is above and free of its retainer. Then pull the Engine Assembly straight out.

Step 6

REMOVE THRUST WASHER - Slide the Thrust Washer off the end of the Engine Assembly.

Step 7

REPLACE THRUST WASHER - Place the Thrust Washer onto the end of the new Engine Assembly - flat side in.

Step 8

PLACE ENGINE ASSEMBLY IN BAY - Angle the new Engine Assembly into the bay of the Lower Body Assembly. The Thrust Washer should be behind the retainer with the widest part of the Washer on top.

Step 9

ENGAGE ENGINE ASSEMBLY - Push down on the end of the Engine Assembly until it clicks into the Lower Body Assembly.

Step 10

REINSTALL MAIN BODY COVER - Place the Cover over the Extension Pipe and push the Cover all the way into the back of the Cleaner until you feel it snap into place.

Step 11

PULL HANDLE FORWARD - To lock the Cover in place, Pull the Handle forward until it engages fully with the slots on each side of the Cover.

Step 12

LOCK HANDLE - Lock the Handle in place by pushing down on the locks on either side of the Handle.

Step 13

CLEANER IS READY - Check that the locks are fully engaged. Your Cleaner is ready to operate.



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