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Chemilizer Liquid Chemical Feeders


Chemilizer CP33

The CP33 is a water powered liquid chemical injector; it injects a precise amount of chemical over a specific period of time.

The CP33 has a wide range of chemical feed from 1 Quart per day all the way up to 144 Gallons per day, this make the CP33 ideal for almost all pool sizes.The CP33 does not use electricity. It runs off of water flow, and can work with system flows from as low as 12 gallons per minute, to virtually unlimited water flow.

Q: What is the difference between the Chemilizer (CP33) and a Stenner feed pump?

A: The Chemilizer (CP33) is a water powered chemical injector which require no electricity. The Stenner system uses and electrical powered pump to feed chemicals to the pool.

Benefits of Chemilizer Vs. Electrical Powered Feed Systems:

  • Water Powered No Electricity needed
  • Save on Electrical Bill
  • Green Environmentally Friendly Product
  • No Wiring Easy Installation
  • One Unit Handles Any Pool Size
  • Single Unit Injects Against Any Pressure.

Typical installation of a CP33 would require the purchase of chemical tank to hold your liquid chlorine the CP33 has a control panel on the front of the unit which will allow you specify how much solution you would like to feed to your pool. If you will be feeding both liquid chlorine and muratic acid to the pool then you would require 2 CP33 controllers and 2 chemical tanks.

The versatility of the CP33 is due to in part to its unique Injection Control Panel which provides a visual indicator of the injection volume allowing for dynamic adjustment to the injection volume.

While the CP33 runs off of water flow, it only uses a portion of the overall flow for power. This limits pressure loss within the water system and also allows the treatment of very large volumes of water. In fact, the CP33 is exceptionally suited to injecting very small volumes of chemicals into large volumes of water!

Accurate and dependable injection as the CP33 utilizes a unique diaphragm driven water motor and a hardened, positive displacement chemical pump ensuring a high level of accuracy!

Easy Installation as Chemilizer injectors are simply installed using standard plumbing parts that are easily obtained from most hardware or plumbing stores.

Typical maintenance does not require tools! General maintenance involves the chemical pump which is easily removed with a quick ¼ turn.


  • 2 year warranty on the water motor

Technical Specifications:

System Water Flow 12 GPM - Unlimited
Pressure Range 4 to 80 psi
Max. Temp 110 Degrees Farenheit
Pipe Size 3/4" nht ( National Hose Thread)
Size11" high x 8.5" wide
Weight8 lbs

* Pipe Size refers to the diameter of the connections for the inlet and outlet to the injector. The injector will work with larger pipe-sized systems, by installing reducer fittings.

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