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Above Ground Pool Heat Pumps

Raypak Heat Pumps
Model # Mfg Code Item BTU Heat Exchanger Special Feature Price  
R4450TI-E 016631 Compact Series Heat Pump 80,000 BTU
**Free Shipping**
80,000 BTU Titanium $2,934.99 Customize
R3450TI-E 016635 Compact Series Heat Pump 62,000 BTU
**Free Shipping**
62,000 BTU Titanium $2,624.99 Customize
R2450TI-E 016638 Compact Series Heat Pump 48,000 BTU
**Free Shipping**
48,000 BTU Titanium $2,204.99 Customize

Hayward Heat Pumps
Item # Item BTU Heat Exchanger Special Feature Price  
W3HP21104T HeatPro Heat Pump 110,000 BTU
**Free Shipping**
110,000 BTU Titanium $3,999.00 Customize
W3HP21004T HeatPro Heat Pump 95,000 BTU
**Free Shipping**
Normally $4,999.00!
95,000 BTU Titanium $3,499.00 Customize

Aqua Pro Systems makes the most efficient above-ground swimming pool heat pumps in America. Heat pumps run on electricity and emit no hazardous pollutants into the air like natural gas and propane. They are by definition low NOx. Heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the air, compressing the air to warm it up, and transferring the heated air into your pool water. Since the outside air is always warm when the pool is in use, heat pumps for pools are ultra-efficient. They are much cheaper to operate than natural gas or propane.

Aqua Pro Systems, a leader in the manufacturing of above-ground heat pumps, builds these units with quality first. The Pro 600 features a cupro nickel heat exchanger that is corrosion-free and impervious to pool chemicals. Solid-state controls allow you to set your desired temperature, and then the heat pump automatically calls for heat when the pool's temperature drops below that setting. A super silent piston compressor makes this heat pump quiet as well as ultra-efficient. The exterior cabinet is made of tough, durable resin that is weatherproof and will not rust or corrode in any location.

Aqua Pro System heat pumps are built to last and backed by impressive warranties. The entire unit carries a 5-Year Warranty on parts and a 1-Year Warranty on Labor. As natural gas and propane prices continue to soar, enjoy a warm pool with this ultra efficient non-polluting heat pump.

Aqua Pro Heat Pump Savings Chart

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