Perflex DE Filter 27 sqft - EC65A - W3EC65A



Part # W3EC65A

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Part # W3EC65A

Warranty 1 Year

Alternate Part #'s HAYW3EC65A

Product Description

Perflex Extended-Cycle D.E. filters clean pools fast, removing particles as small as one micron the first time through. Its patented Flex-Tube™ design gives longer cycles between cleaning because the same D.E. filter powder is used over and over. Plus, Perflex cleans without backwashing, saving hundreds of gallons of treated pool water. An exceptional value as a replacement filter or for new pool installations. For sparkling, clean pools, step up to Perflex.


  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes


  • Exclusive bump handle activates the mechanism causing the Flex-Tubes to instantly and uniformly clean themselves of dirt and filter powder
  • Self-venting design automatically expels any air that may be present in the system
  • Proven, patented Flex-Tube filter elements efficiently reuse the filter powder and dirt mixture forming a fresh filtering surface
  • Combination pressure gauge and threaded inspection/service port is easy to read and remove when filter needs cleaning
  • Heavy-duty filter tank injection-molded of high-strength Duralon™ for dependable, corrosion-free performance
  • Integral check valve prevents system backflow whenever pump is off  

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Product Specifications

Port Size:
1 1/2 in.
Flow Rating:
67 GPM
Filtration Area:
27 sq. ft.
Turnover 8 Hrs.:
32640 gal.
Turnover 10 Hrs.:
40800 gal.

?     Asked on 7/22/2021by Inyo Visitor

is this filter for an above ground pool?

A  Answered on 7/22/2021 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

The W3EC65A (EC65A) can be used on inground or above ground pools.

?     Asked on 7/29/2020by Martin E Laird

What is the difference between the hayward ec65a filter and the w3ec65a filter

A  Answered on 11/13/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Martin, these two filters are the same. The "W3" is merely the online retail model number for the same filter. 

?     Asked on 7/28/2020by JOSH WILLIAMS

so I have a Hayward perflex DE filter EC65 with a 27 ft² cleaning area The DE scoop I have say s one scoop is 12 oz and for every 7 ft², you get one full scoop. meaning my filter would be less and four scoops but Hayward says 6 lb

A  Answered on 11/13/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Josh, the Hayward EC65 series Perflex filter will need 6 lbs. (2.7 kgs.) of D.E. powder upon installation and cleaning of it. 

?     Asked on 5/9/2020by Inyo Visitor

Is this all unit with inside tubes interior

A  Answered on 1/6/2021 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hello, yes this is a complete unit with the tubes ready for installation.

?     Asked on 4/20/2020by Kathy

Is this product the Filter only?

A  Answered on 11/6/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Kathy, yes this Hayward Perflex W3EC65A model D.E. filter comes with everything needed besides the miscellaneous plumbing parts. 

?     Asked on 7/9/2019by Lori

Hi--was wondering how to know if the filter is big enough for my pool size My pool is 61x32 inground.

A  Answered on 7/11/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Steve M.

Lori, our article "How To Size a Pool Filter" is the best and most detailed resource to help size your filter. 

?     Asked on 6/15/2019by Inyo Visitor

Is this a complete filter with all the parts?

A  Answered on 6/26/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Yes, this filter comes with all parts needed besides any plumbing accessories you may need. 

?     Asked on 3/25/2019by mike

Currently have a Pac Fab Nautilus NS36 filter, what is the recommended DE replacement? Or, should I look at a cartridge model? Thank you for your response.

A  Answered on 3/30/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Mike. I'll recommend using the Pentair FNS Plus D.E. Filter 36 sqft - 180007 or the Hayward ProGrid D.E. Filter 36 sqft - DE3620

?     Asked on 10/22/2018by edward hayes

what is the difference between the EC65 & EC65A

A  Answered on 10/23/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Edward. They are no major difference between the models. The EC65 model is sold as a package with a pump and the EC65A is sold as a stand-alone system. 

?     Asked on 9/27/2018by Inyo Visitor

My ec65 canister has several cracks, is there a place to buy just the outside shell?

A  Answered on 9/27/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. The replacement EC65 Body - ECX11184AT is available and is listed on  Hayward Perflex Filters EC-65, EC-65A Parts Diagram

?     Asked on 5/27/2018by Richard Thomas

We have an EC 65 below ground pool filter and I am wondering if we can purchase just top half with fingers and bump handle?

A  Answered on 5/28/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Richard. It will be cheaper if you replace the entire filter versus the Nest Assembly and the lid. 

?     Asked on 5/16/2018by John

I have the Hayward Model EC65A which has 12 or so screws on the top which you need to unscrew to access the filter's fingers. I looks like this model has the same type of assembly. Isn't there a model that you simply unclamp to access the inside of the filter?

A  Answered on 5/16/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

There is the Hayward ProGrid D.E. filter which are a different style D.E. filters that do have the clamps to remove giving access to the filter grids within them. You can click here to view them. 

?     Asked on 2/13/2018by Christina

I have the EC65 and was wondering if there is a separation tank that I can hook up to this model. I purchased a house with a pool two years ago and I really don't want to backwash over the lawn like the pervious homeowners did.

A  Answered on 2/13/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Christina. You can install a separation tank like the Hayward C9002SEP model on your pool system depending on how it is setup. Please reference the Hayward Filters C9002SEP Manual for additional info. 

?     Asked on 4/3/2017by Mercedes

I am a homeowner and would like to purchase a new filter for my in-ground pool. I currently have the Hayward Perflex Extended Cycle D.E. Model EC65A. I found this product on your page but was wondering if in comes with everything needed to install or do I need to purchase additional parts. Thank you.

A  Answered on 4/6/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Scott W.

That will come with what you need to install that filter.

?     Asked on 7/20/2016by Ron

I want to replace my EC 65 Filter but I notice only EC 65A. What is the difference? I want to be able to replace without having to do any major plumbing.

A  Answered on 7/20/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alan M.

The EC65 and EC65A are the same filter. I can find no information with differences between the two. You would not need to change your plumbing when installing the EC65A.

?     Asked on 5/29/2016by Dennis

I have a 16 by32 in ground pool with a deep end. How do I determine what size filter and horse power pump I need

A  Answered on 5/29/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

Dennis, This guide may help: and

?     Asked on 6/21/2015by Lee

How do you clean this filter????

A  Answered on 6/21/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Alex V.

Lee, To clean the filter, you must turn off the pump then bump the handle up and down to shake the d.e. off of the fingers. After a few "bumps", you would open the shut off valve to flush everything out of the filter. You would repeat this process until the water runs clear.

?     Asked on 5/2/2013by Guest

Can this pool filter be used for above ground pools or is it strictly used for in ground pools?

A  Answered on 5/2/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes, you can use an EC75 on an above ground. It would be over sized depending on the size of the pool.

?     Asked on 4/20/2013by Guest

How do I add the d.e. powder to the EC65A filter?

A  Answered on 4/20/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

D.e. powder should be added to the skimmer closest to the pump and filter.

?     Asked on 4/19/2013by Guest

Will the EC65A handle a 20,000 gallon swimming pool?

A  Answered on 4/19/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes, the Hayward EC65A would be able to handle a 20,000 gallon pool.

?     Asked on 5/27/2012by Guest

How DE powder does the EC65 require

A  Answered on 5/27/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The EC65 requires 6 lbs. of DE powder.

?     Asked on 8/4/2007by Guest

The manual says that a diverter valve can be installed for vacuuming to waste during heavy spring clean up or pulling rain water out of the pool. Where would it be installed? Do you sell this valve?

A  Answered on 8/4/2007 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes we do carry this diverter valve which you may view or purchase through this link This valve has 3 ports on it, the valve would screw into the disharge side of your pump and you can have the handle turned so the return water goes through your filter or you can turn the valve in the opposite direction so the dirty water goes to waste and bypasses your filter, this is very helpful when vacuuming or for heavy spring clean up.


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Socket Set

6     1

Old and worn out filter fingers

Written on 11/19/2016 by Guest

Replaced filter with new filter same model. . For start=up I am going to use the old filter head to clean up the pool after winter, then install new head for summer swim season. This way all winter water will clean-up through old fingers that still work ok, only fill up a lot faster and require backwashing to much. Now I won't have to filter old winter water through new fingers. Have the old filter for 37 years, 3 1/2 months swimming season, cleaned filter for every winter down time which I feel did a lot for the longevity of the filter bags. This filter is easy to regenerate, not much maintenance, if keeping up on your water chemistry, Hayward makes a good product in my estimation. Since finding Inyo Pools on the internet, I will use them for all future swimming pool products. They are very knowledgeable, provide video for how to things that might come up, prices are good, no having to travel to local pool stores, Order quantities with no shipping charges, Free pool care guides and updates, beats anyone else I've dealt with in last 37 tears of having an in-ground pool. Thanks Lee Behler

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