12 Volt Inground LED Pool Light 15 Ft Cord - PH2311215

Model # PH2311215

By Next Step Products



Model # PH2311215

Warranty 1 year

Product Description

Super Vision’s Underwater LED light features an energy efficient LED lamp with an 11 year lamp life and 1 year warranty. The lamp is comprised of 213 RGB LED’s with an Edison base, 40 watts maximum. This is a 12 volt light with no moving parts and five color modes.


  • White Light

  • Color Mixing - a beautiful and gentle color transition through the color spectrum.

  • Color Lock - you set the light on your favorite color.  Choose from yellow, blue, orange, green, hot pink, or cyan.

  • Blue-Green Fade - a natural mixing of blues and green.

  • Party Mode - an exciting rapid change of color to enliven your party or celebration.

    How it works:
    The Galaxy light is usually wired from the same breaker panel that the other pool equipment is wired from, to a switch (not included), then into the ground (through a piece of conduit), and through the niche in the wall of the pool. Usually a regular household light switch is used to turn the light on and off but any power switch will do. It's best to consult a certified electrician regarding installation and hardware recommendations.

    Once installed, turning the power on will activate the first (white) mode. Turning the switch off then on again will set the light to the second (color mix) mode. Repeating this procedure will allow you to easily cycle through all five modes. Simply turn the switch off then on again until you've reached the desired setting. Then relax and enjoy the spectacular effect that can only come from a Supervision Galaxy LED.

    Click here for recommended concrete pool niche
    Click here for recommended vinyl or fiberglass pool niche


?     Asked on 5/28/2006 by Guest

If I buy the Galaxy 12 Volt light, will I require the 100 watt or 300 watt transformer?

A  Answered on 5/28/2006 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

You would require the PX100 100 watt transformer for either the pool or spa Galaxy light.  Here is a link to the transformer:  Intermatic 100 Watt Transformer