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Part # 5110-10F

Manufacturer Code SPX1621C

Dimensions 5.2" X 1.8"

Alternate Part #'s HAY1014188, SP1621C, SPX1621C, 35-150-2056, HAYSPX1621C, HPPSPX1621C

Product Description

Impeller 2.5 THP - SPX1621C

Product Specifications

Pump Model:
Super Pump & MaxFlo
2 Full & 2.5 Uprate HP

?     Asked on 6/3/2015by joe gordon

Will this fit model Number K48M2N111?

A  Answered on 6/3/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Wes B.

Hi Joe, The Impeller is specific to the Pump not the motor. In order for us to find the correct impeller we would need the make and model of the wet end of the pump.

?     Asked on 9/30/2016by Inyo Visitor

Is this interchangeable with impeller SP 1650-C?

A  Answered on 10/3/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. I was not able to locate any info on the SP1650C impeller so I can't confirm if the SP1621C impeller can be used as a replacement. I would recommend that you double check the part number or provide us with the pump model number for verification.

?     Asked on 10/5/2019by Robert Schlemmer

20+ year old Hayward pumps use: SP-1621-C impeller (old style with threaded phenolic hub rather than brass insert) SP-1616-B diffuser Are the SPX versions of these parts direct replacements for old SP part numbers? Also needed: Full set of seals, Q1 replacement motor. We have three pumps with 2HP 50Hz motors. Planning to substitute 2.5HP 60Hz version with same dimensions if 50Hz not available. thank you and best regards, Robert Schlemmer Houston, TX


A  Answered on 10/6/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Robert. Yes, the SPX part # is the same and will work as a replacement. As for the seals, they're all located in the Hayward Super Pump Tune Up Kit -  GOKIT3 or GOKIT3SALT. The replacement 50hz replacement motor is not available. You can substitute the original motor with the UST1252 motor.

?     Asked on 9/26/2022by Kieran

I am looking to replace my Super Pump impeller for the 1.5 HP model of SP1610Z1M (model C48L2N134B1). Will this impeller work with this model? If not, can you direct me to the right impeller for Super Pump described above? Pump spec sheet provided in photo attachment


A  Answered on 9/28/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Craig C.

Hello Kieran.  The Century Motors SP1510Z1M (C48L2N134B1) is a 1.5 total horsepower motor.  The Generic Super Pump™ Style Impeller 1.5 THP - PL2672 is the compatible replacement impeller.  The Tune Up Kit Hayward Super Pump - GOKIT3 contains the pump parts that should be replaced concurrent with the new motor installation. The Super Pump impeller SP1621C is NOT a compatible replacement impeller for this motor/pump.  Attached please find the Hayward Super Pump exploded parts diagram for reference.


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