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Part # 4623-07

Manufacturer Code 272400

Dimensions 1.25" X 1.815"

Alternate Part #'s 1348407, 272400, PAC0612997, 27-110-1420, PAC-061-2997, PEN272400

Product Description

Spring (272400)


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed


Leaking Pentair Hi Flow Multiport

Written on 1/14/2022 by Guest

Secure the electrics are off and ensure there is no pressure in the filter / pump circuit. Mark the last positions of the handle and the orientation of the top and bottom sections of the valve to ensure easy reassembly. Remove the nuts and bolts holding the top assembly of the valve from the bottom assembly. Pull the top assembly off and take to your workbench. Remove set screw from the handle. This will free the tension from the spring and the top works can be fully accessed. Replace the spring, washers and stem o'ring.. Use magic lube on all gaskets and orings. Reassemble and compress the spring which allows you to re install the handle set screw. Take rebuild top assembly back to the pool equipment area, remove old web gasket and install new web gasket with magic lube. Place the top works back with the proper orientation previously marked. Tighten nuts and bolts using star pattern method. Test to ensure proper operation of the handle. Turn the electrics back on and restart the pool pump system.

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