Tube Sheet (ecx1103)

Part # 4810-21

By Hayward Pool Products

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Part # 4810-21

Manufacturer Code ECX1103

Dimensions 12.875" L x 12.875" W x 0.5" D

Alternate Part #'s EC1103, ECX1103, HAY0511835, 14-150-1022, HAYECX1103

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?     Asked on 5/15/2020by robert J cote

is this a replacement for ec1103

A  Answered on 12/4/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Robert, yes this is the replacement part for the EC1103 as this is just an alternate part number. 

?     Asked on 6/15/2019by Bob

I have a EC 45 Filter. The Bottom round plate that retains the filter fingers broke. I want to replace top and Bottom. What or where should I look. Photo attached.

A  Answered on 6/16/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Bob. The Top is P/N ECX1004A and Bottom is P/N ECX1004. The EC40 parts are interchangeable with the EC45. 

?     Asked on 7/19/2016by George

I have an EC60 DE filter and the finger holder portion of the filter appears to be in 2 parts (a top ring and a bottom ring-each having holes in them). While bumping my pool The bottom of the bottom ring broke off at the shaft. The top part number (ECX1104)shows different views of the part, where the bottom one (ECX1103) does not. The bottom ring on my the center where the shaft goes in flairs out a bit. Can you send me what the bottom of the disk looks like so I can tell if it is correct

A  Answered on 7/23/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi George, This is the only photo we have of the Bottom Tube Sheet which will fit the Hayward EC60 filter.

?     Asked on 5/29/2015by glenda

when would i get part

A  Answered on 5/30/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

This item normally takes 1-5 business days for delivery.


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Nut Drivers, Socket Set, Wrench Set

Tube sheet cracked

Written on 8/11/2018 by Guest

Turn off power to pump. Remove filer cover/filter tube assembly. Remove bump handle by removing small bolt. Lift cover away from filter tubes. Remove 16 small bolts to separate upper and lower tube sheets. Remove upper tube sheet and replace with new part. Now is a good time to check the center shaft and shaft o-rings condition,replace as necessary. reassemble, replacing all bolts (align cover gasket carefully).

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Est. Repair Time

2 to 4 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Nut Drivers, Socket Set

Cracked Tube Sheets, leaks at top of DE filter, high back pressure due to dirty tubes, faulty check valve.

Written on 6/5/2017 by Guest

1. Disconnect the bump lever by unscrewing the self locking nut and withdrawing the screw from the shaft.
2. Remove the bolts and nuts around the filter top and remove the top.
3. Lift our the tube nest, flush off any caked on DE material, and very carefully check the plates for cracks in the center near the shaft and any other damage.
4. Remove the C-Clips on the bump shaft and remove the shaft, remove the rubber O-rings
5. Remove the screws and nuts holding the the two nest plates together and separate the plates. Identify the upper and lower plates and their orientation. Remove the large gasket.
6. Remove all the filter tubes, clean using the INYO cleaner solution and further clean and flush using something like Simple Green concentrate.
7. Examine tubes for damage and replace as necessary.
8. Replace tubes in the lower plate making sure they lay flat and the the opening is not obstructed by the fabric.
9. Align the upper plate correctly so the holes match the lower plate, position a new large gasket. (bend in the gasket faces down)
10. Replace and tighten all the screws and nuts evenly.
11 Use 600 grit sandpaper and clean any corrosion from the bump shaft
12. Put new O-rings on the shaft and lubricate with pool grease. (If you put the O-Rings on first insert the shaft top to bottom, Otherwise insert it bottom to top and put the rings on after it is secured)
13. Replace the shaft in the nest, top side (withe the bump lever hole) up and replace the C-Clips and washers..
14 Replace the check valve and o-ring in inlet to the DE filter by removing the elbow in which the valve sits. Replace the elbow.
15. Position the nest in the top of the filter carefully making sure the gasket is flat and in its groove, use pool lube.
16 Replace the top aligning correctly relative to the inlet and outlet ports.
17. Insert the screws and nuts and tighten evenly and fully. There will be a definite stop felt when they are fully home.
18. Reattach the bump lever.

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