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Product Description

Natural Chemistry MetalFree 1 Liter - Stain Prevention

MetalFree is a powerful chelating agent that quickly deactivates stain-causing metals. The phosphate-free formula prevents staining and water discoloration caused by iron, copper and other trace metals.


  • Does not add phosphates
  • Deactivates stain causing metals
  • Will not affect water chemistry
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces
  • Can swim immediately after use


Add 1 bottle per 20,000 gallons of water around the perimeter of pool, not in the skimmer

Maintenance dose- 4 oz per 10,000 gallons weekly

Tips: Metal Free cannot be used with a clarifier. The polymers in both products are negatively charged; they will repel one another and cause cloudy water. You can use Metal Free with Clear because it is chitosan based product and does not contain Polymers.

Features & Benefits:

Ideal for treating staining on all pool surfaces Not a harsh acid Concentrated formula, works instantly

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Product Specifications

1 L

?     Asked on 11/29/2012by Guest

Does Spa Metal Free remove metals from the water?

A  Answered on 11/29/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

No, Spa Metal Free only deactivates the metals in the water. You would remove the metals through filtration.

?     Asked on 1/13/2022by Gary R Nielsen

I don't have test strips to determine presence of metals. I just restarted the spa after repairs were made and it was refilled. What is a safe amount of metal free to use on startup.

A  Answered on 1/13/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Rich N.

Hi Gary, add 1 capful (4oz) per 400 gallons of Natural Chemistry SPA METAL FREE directly to your spa water evenly around the edge after every drain/refill.