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Part # 14205

Product Description

 Top Plate Seaspray Ponderosa 5". For Round Pools and Round ends of Oval pools.(Single)

Save $$$ on a 10 Pack - Part Number 14205-PACK10

Ovals also require Top Plate 4" 10136

Quantities Round Pools

  • 8' 12' 15' - 11
  • 18' -13
  • 21' - 14
  • 24' - 17
  • 27' 19.
  • Oval Pools
  • 12x17 - 10
  • 12x24 15x26 15x30 - 12
  • 18x33 18x40 - 14


Above ground pool parts are not universal and can be difficult to identify. Inyo wants to make every effort  that your order meets your requirements. If you are not confident that you have chosen the right parts - Please send the following information that is requested below.  Inyo will forward to the information provided to the manufacturer to see if they can determine if the pool is one of their models.

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*   Size of the pool & approximate age of the pool?

*   Image of the pool wall.

*   Image of the upright

*   Image of the top rail connection to the upright.

*   Name & age of the pool (if known) 


?     Asked on 5/31/2019by CHARLOTTE CROWE

Looking for parts for a Coliseum 24' steel pool bought around 2000. Needing top plates and top rails.


A  Answered on 6/3/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

Hello Charlotte - The top plate is part number 14439. If your 24' has a total of 18 top rails, the replacement is part number 12759.


Est. Repair Time

More than 8 hrs

Tools Needed


Missing parts.

Written on 9/10/2020 by Guest

About ten years ago, my wife and I purchased an eighteen by thirty-three foot above ground pool inexpensively during an end of the year clearance sale. It has taken us a while to get this project moving forward because of logistics so it has been stored in various locations in the ensuing years. We've gone through a couple of those "easy pools" in the interim. (* Do Not fall for the cheap pool that has windows in the sides. Once the windows start to leak, it is over) Finally, this year we able to move ahead with it. When checking through my parts lists, I came up short on two of the caps that attach to the top of the side supports. I had little hope in acquiring these exact parts and began planning on fabricating them myself in my home shop.

I was taking measurements on one of the existing caps and noticed a number stamped into it and decided to do a Google search on the pool model. Much to my surprise, I got some hits and found this store. The online catalog looked like they carried parts for every pool under the sun and I found exactly what I needed. Yay for that. This saved me hours of time, and trials and errors finishing this project. Thank goodness this shop was there.

As far as pool builds go, I would not recommend anyone taking on this type of project flying solo but I did. I had a little help from my kids but not much. My goal was to have this up by Memorial Day but with weeks of rain, or weeks of temperatures in the high nineties and one hurricane, I got finished up two weeks before Labor Day. The biggest amount of time was spent on making sure that the bottom and rail foundations were level and waiting for things to dry out after torrential rains. The tale of this build became an epic saga among my friends on Facebook with pictures and joking about my setbacks. The effort paid off. It is now full of water, not leaking, and level. The liner has zero wrinkles in it, smooth as a baby's behind. My kids and four grandsons have been enjoying the foreshortened season. Grandma is a happy camper. I'm considering building a DIY wood fired pool heater just to extend the season but so far the solar cover has worked well. Persistence equals success.

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