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Carvin Pumps


Carvin Magnum Pumps Description

Carvin Pumps Exclusive Ring-Lok access to remove motor from the pump's wet end.  No Tools needed!

Quieter operation, Energy Efficient Motor

Built in base, Built in Influent Check Valve

Carvin Pumps Patented air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damage!

Floating eye seal between closed pump impeller and diffuser maximizes efficiency.

One-piece case with two convenient drain plugs for winterizing. Built in unions for easy installation.

Carvin Pumps Higher suction port for faster self-priming.

180 cubic inch strainer basket allows longer intervals between cleaning. Clear lid allows view.

Replacement Motor for Carvin Pumps
Inyo Pool Products sells the latest in Carvin Pumps. The Carvin Magnum Pump offers the latest for your swimming pool or Spa. If you are looking for just a replacement motor for your Carvin Pump click on the links below.

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