How to Identify Model Year of Your Hayward Northstar


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In this guide, we explain how to identify your Hayward Northstar’s model year. It is important to know your Northstar’s age, as the varying designs use different gaskets and part variations. The Northstar has three design phases:

Step by Step


Step 1

SERIAL NUMBER - Find the model tag on the pump housing that displays the Hayward model and serial number. You can then call Hayward (908-355-7995) to have them identify the pump’s age using just the serial number.

Step 2

COMPARE PUMP HOUSING DESIGN - The major features that identify which model era you own are these ridges or ribs on the bottom half of the pump housing. As you see in this comparison, 1998-2007 on the left, has ribs around the full circumference of the housing, whereas the 2008 and later have the ridges only on the back half.

Step 3

LID GASKET DESIGN - The 2007 and prior models have a deviation in design that helps you identify if your pump is made prior to 2003. It is important to know which design you have, as this will also determine the type of shaft seal you need. 

The is 2003 to 2007 design uses a T-ring gasket; it gets its name from its T-shaped cross-section (p/n: SPX4000TS)

The prior to 2003 design uses a standard O-ring lid gasket (p/n: 4664-14

The 2008 and later era of Northstar impeller and gasket choices are straightforward. This model’s design has no deviations from the beginning to the end of the era.

Step 4

MEASURE SHAFT SEAL INSIDE DIAMETER - You can also determine the correct shaft seal by measuring its center hole dimensions. The prior to 2003 is ¾,” and the later models are 5/8”.

Note: If you are not sure which shaft seal you need for your  2007 and prior model, purchase an impeller kit guarantee compatibility. 

Find your impeller’s part number stamped somewhere on the part itself. An example of a Northstar impeller number is SPX4010C. The corresponding kit number for that impeller is the SPX4010CKIT, which includes the impeller and shaft seal. These kits are compatible with all 2008 and later designs.



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