How To Install a Jandy AquaPure Ei Salt Chlorine Generator


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This guide provides a basic step-by-step procedure for installing a Jandy AquaPure Ei Salt Chlorine Generator. The manufacturer's owner's installation manual has more detailed instructions on where to place the generator and what precautions to take. Make sure you also read and understand your owner's manual before installing this unit. The AquaPure Ei Salt Chlorine Generator has three parts.: the Power Pac, the Cell which generates the chlorine, and the Pod (not shown) which senses water flow.

Things You'll Need

Step by Step


Step 1

Mount jandy aquapure ei power pack to wall bracket. The power pack must be installed at least 5 ft off the ground and be at least 10 ft from the inside wall of your swimming pool of spa. Also the power pack must be within 15 ft of where the cell will be placed.

Step 2

Make sure that the power pack is within 3 ft of a power receptacle. To avoid electical shock, DO NOT plug in the power pack until the last step after all pieces of the generator have been wired up and are ready to operate.

Step 3

The cell and pod must be installed on a 2 1/2 ft minimum horizonal length of pipe and must be the last pieces of equipment in the plumbing system - just before returning to the pool. The pod must be installed upstream from the cell.

Step 4

Disassemble the cell and pod. Unscrew the locking ring from the cell and the pod in order to extract them from their lower clamps. You will have to press the 2 push buttoms on either side of the upper clamp to separate the upper clamp from the lower clamp.

Step 5

The lower clamps are used as guides to mark where to drill the feeder holes. Invert the lower clamps and place them on the top of the pipe. Mark the pipe for drilling the feeder holes.

Step 6

Drill holes into pipe for cell and pod with the holesaw provided.

Step 7

If you are mounting the cell and pod on 1 1/2" pipe, you will have to add the pipe spacers (included) as shown in the picture. These spacers are not required on 2" pipe.

Step 8

Connect jandy aquapure ei locking clamps. Secure the clamps, pipe spacers and gaskets around the pipe as shown making sure the flow arrows on the clamp point in the direction of the water flow. Ensure that the gaskets are attached to the upper clamps and that the curved side of each gasket is pointing down for an optimum seal. Make sure that the 2 clips on the sides of each clamp are snapped into place.

Step 9

Place o-rings into the channel on each of the clamps.

Step 10

Attach the pod cap and the electrode bell to the clamps. Make sure that the pod is installed upstream from the cell - the cell is the last unit installed on the pipe returning to the pool.

Step 11

When installing the jandy aquapure ei pod, make sure that the flow switch is inserted into the inlet port on the clamp - ports are marked.

Step 12

The pod and cell are secured to their clamps with locking rings. To start the locking rings correctly, ensure that the bump on the locking ring aligns with the top thread on the lower clamp as shown.

Step 13

Tighten the locking rings to the threaded clamps using the locking ring tool (provided). If the locking ring is started correctly, the ring should be level when engaging the threaded housing.

Step 14

Attach color-coded cell leads to electrode terminals and plug the pod connector into the power pack.

Step 15

Place cell cap over electrodes

Step 16

By code the power pac must be bonded to the rest of the pumping system. Attach one end of the bonding wire (provided) to the bonding lug located on the bottom of the power pack. Attach the second end to the bonding lug on your pump or heater.

Step 17

Plug in and turn on power pack.


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 Posted: 6/16/2020 

What does it mean low tempature when you turn on handy e1 control panel

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/2/2020 

That means, the unit is reading the water temp to be 51 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. First, you want to confirm the water temp. If the water temp reading is inaccurate, I would clean the cell with muriatic acid. That should clear any scale clogging a sensor here or there.

 Posted: 5/4/2019 

My power supply says "Test Cell". How do I do that?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/6/2019 

I have checked the owner's manual, but I do not see a "Test Cell" fault code. Are there any other alerts on your AquaPure EI display? Is the cell producing chlorine? Also, when was the last time the cell was cleaned with muriatic acid?

 Posted: 5/7/2019 

The system is making chlorine, it seems to be working fine, I just don't know how to get rid of the message "Test Cell"

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 5/8/2019 

The Test Cell means the cell is dirty, scaled or needs replacing. Clean the cell, if that doesn't clear the fault, then you may need to replace the cell soon.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/4/2016 

George - See Step 16 of this guide. Make sure that the bonding wire from you pool system's bonding grid is securely attached to your control unit. Make sure all your electrical systems are attached to this bonding grid. See Steps 7, 8, and 17 of our guide on "How To Build an In-Ground Pool" for bonding grid information.

 Posted: 8/3/2016 

I have a problem with swimmers getting shocked when they touch the wall of the in-ground pool. I am using Your Jandy Aquapure EI Series. Can you help me?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/22/2016 

AquaPure Ei Flow Switch - Here's a link to the Jandy Aquapure Ei Flow Switch.

Anonymous  Posted: 6/22/2016 

i need to buy a flow sensor for my jandy apure35 chlorinator where can i get this ??

 Posted: 6/4/2012 

Installing my Aquapure Ei

 Posted: 6/17/2011 

I have 50mm pipes and bought the Ei salt chlorinator. Unfortunately I’ve got the 57mm clump (top and bottom).
Is it possible to get the 50mm clamps and how much do they cost?

Kind Regards,