How To Replace an Aqua Rite Main PCB


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The Main PCB (GLX-PCB-RITE) for the Hayward Aqua Rite will occasionally fail. Most of the time this is due to an electrical surge. The following steps will provide a guide on how to replace the GLX-PCB-RITE.

Click here to view the Aquarite Main PCB. 


Step by Step


Step 1

TURN OFF THE POWER TO THE TIMER BOX. There should be a circuit breaker before the timer box where the power can be turned off.

Step 2

Unlatch the lock and open the door to the Hayward Aqua Rite control box.

Step 3

Using a 5/16" socket, remove the 2 screws that secure the cover panel to the box.

Step 4

Pull the cover panel out of the Aqua Rite control box.

Click here to view the Hayward Aquarite parts. 

Step 5

Pull the Display PCB off of the Main PCB. The Display PCB will simply lift right off of the GLX-PCB-RITE.

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Step 6

Remove the gray, violet, white, blue, orange, and yellow cables from the Hayward Aqua Rite Main PCB. We recommend using a pair of needle nose pliers.

Step 7

Remove the red and black cables from the black terminal located in the top right corner of the box. Note: The new board will come with a new black and red cable.

Step 8

With a 5/16" socket, loosen the two screws that hold the Main PCB in place. They do not need to be completely removed.

Step 9

Slide the old Hayward Main PCB out of the control box.

Click here to view the Aquarite Main PCB. 

Step 10

Place the new Main PCB (GLX-PCB-RITE) into the control box.

Step 11

Tighten the two screws at the bottom of the GLX-PCB-RITE with a 5/16" socket.

Step 12

Attach the new red and black cable from the board to the black terminal located in the top right corner of the box. Note: The red cable will be connected to the lower right terminal connection and the black cable will connect to the upper left terminal connection.

Step 13

Attach the gray, violet, white, blue, orange, and yellow cables to the Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE board. The terminals on the board are labeled with a particular color. Each colored cable should be matched to the color indicated on the board.

Click here to view the Hayward Aquarite parts. 

Step 14

Press the Display Board back onto the new Hayward Main PCB. Make sure the long pins from the Main PCB match up with the holes on the Display PCB.

Click here to view the Aquarite display. 

Step 15

Place the control box cover into the box.

Step 16

Tighten the two cover screws with a 5/16" socket.

Step 17

Turn on the power at the circuit breaker.

Step 18

The "Power" light and the display should be illuminated if everything is operating correctly.

Click here to view the Hayward Aquarite parts. 

Step 19

Close the door to the Hayward Aqua Rite and continue to enjoy the benefits of your salt water pool.


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 Posted: 5/27/2021 

Replaced circuit board but display panel is still displaying as “hot” with a water temp of 146. Cell was new in 2019. Suggestions?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/4/2021 

If your water temperature reads high, the cell temperature sensor is shorted and your cell needs replacing.

 Posted: 9/13/2021 

how long does the display panel last? How long does the main board last? How can y ou tell which one needs replacing? my saot output does not match the dial and the values for instant salt and the other salt reading are different. Ive tried resetting using your instructions,

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/14/2021 

There is no listed lifespan on a control box. It could be a couple of seasons; it could be a decade. It just depends on the pool and the variables of the installation. You may have a bad AquaRite display board. Have you done any other troubleshooting? Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Your Hayward Aqua Rite System

 Posted: 8/9/2020 

I’ve got an early firmware aqua rite (1.47). Came originally with a T cell 5 that went bad. Read online the only T cell that would work with the older firmware was a t15. Now I need the unit to recognize the larger cell without a way to select the size with the older firmware. I read some older boards have a jumper to select either 5 or 15. I can’t seem to find one. In that case you’d have to solder a joint to configure for the 15. Any help with diagrams or manuals that discuss how to solder that setting and where to find it?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/1/2020 

Unfortunately, there are no diagrams or guides that I was able to find to add this. What is the part number on your board?

Anonymous  Posted: 4/30/2016 

Great detailed instructions. I changed the board in about 15 minutes. Thank you!

 Posted: 10/8/2015 

the two extra wires... black and white? I had them also, if they are the same as mine... they go below the row of rainbow wires. they are marked. They were not addressed in the step by step above.

 Posted: 10/8/2015 

Thank you. Missing from your instructions were the cell plug in and the telephone jack hook up in the bottom. But it was quite obvious that needed plugging in and I have success. Not bad for a female figuring out.... Now to repair the old unit that fried black things in the power that I have an extra unit working for the next surge.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 10/21/2014 

Criley - Sorry, I don't know what your extra wires are. Review the guide one more time to make sure they aren't in the instructions, then I would call the manufacturer, Hayward/Goldline, to see if they have changed their design since you bought your unit. Their number is 866-772-2100.

 Posted: 10/19/2014 

I have two extra wire that had a spot to plus into on my old board but there is no plug in on the new board? I am not sure what to do with them? Please help.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 10/17/2014 

AquaRite Main PCB - Don't know why replacing the AquaRite PCB would make your pump run louder. It does not control the speed of your pump or the subsequent volume of water flowing through your pool system. You might call Hayward/Goldline to see if there is some relationship I don't know about. Their number is 866-772-2100.

Anonymous  Posted: 10/15/2014 

Installed this on my pool last night. installation was easy, but it seems to be running very loud. is this common or does it take a bit to run a lower volume?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/3/2014 

helpless - If your wires are different in coloring that what is presented here, I would recommend calling Hayward/Goldline at 866-772-2100. They will be able to explain any differences.

 Posted: 7/31/2014 

I am trying to replace this by myself. There are two yellow wires and one orange wire. I don't know where they go... Please help!


 Posted: 6/15/2013 

Thanks for the video. I didn't change the whole card, but did replace the current limiter - after learning how to solder - the operation was a success. All working fine. Though I know where to go agin if I have to change the entire board.

Regards and thanks



 Posted: 6/13/2013 

Thank you for taking the time to put up clear instructions. They were very easy to follow and enabled me to replace my circuit board with ease. Doing the job myself saved me close to $300!