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Hayward Skimmers

Model # Item Opening Height Opening Width Pool Type Port Size Port Type Price  
SP1091LX Hayward Above Ground Pool Skimmer SP1091LX 5 1/2" 5 15/16" Above ground 1 1/2 in. Female Threaded $92.99 Description
SP10702 Skim Master w/ 2" FIP Ports Concrete
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5 1/16" 8 5/8" Concrete 2 in. Female Threaded $148.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Price  
4042-24 SP1070P Skimmer Ext. Collar, White Wg $8.99 Description

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Hayward Skimmers
To keep you swimming pool clean and circulating properly you will need to purchase one of our Hayward Skimmers. Hayward skimmers circulate the water while catching large debris in it's skimmer basket. This will keep your return line from clogging. Hayward skimmers keep your pool crystal clean