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Purex Triton

Model # Mfg Code Item Filtration Area Flow Rating Multiport Valve Sand Valve Location Price  
EC-140264 EC140264 Triton II Side Mount Filter TR60 w/o Valve
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3.14 sq. ft. 63 GPM without 325 lbs. Side $817.99 Description
EC-140210 EC140210 Triton® II TR100 Side Mount Filters w/o Valve
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4.91 sq. ft. 98 GPM without 600 lbs. Side $1,258.99 Description

Model # Mfg Code Item Filtration Area Price  
EC-180007 EC180007 FNS® Plus 36 DE Filter
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36 sq. ft. $880.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Plumbing Size Used On Valve Type Price  
263034 263064 2" Slide Valve for Pentair DE and Sand Filter - Black - 263064
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Normally $159.99!
2 in. Triton II Sand Filter & FNS, FNS Plus & NSP DE Filters Push Pull $115.99 Description
261173 1.5" Threaded Multiport Valve for Pentair Sand and D.E Filters
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Normally $159.99!
1 1/2 in. Triton II Sand Filter & Quad DE Filter Multiport $115.99 Description

Purex has been purchased by Pentair Pool Products. The Triton has been replaced by the Pentair Triton II. If you are looking for parts to the Trtion Pool Filter please search through our parts database. Click here for our Pool Parts

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