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Part # 261055

Alternate Part #'s 26-102-1518, PEN261055

Product Description

2" Threaded Multiport Valve for Sand and D.E

Product Specifications

2 in.
Multiport Valve:
2 in.
Plumbing Size:
2 in.
Used On:
Triton II Sand Filter & Quad DE Filter
Valve Type:

?     Asked on 1/31/2012by Guest

I need parts for my filter valve. When I look at the filter parts breakdown, it gives me different choices. How do I know which one is the one I need?

A  Answered on 1/31/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

In order to locate the correct parts we will need to know the model number of the filter valve. Two identical filters can have two different valves. Typically the valve model will be located on the label of the valve. If there is no model number on the valve, you can try to see if there are any part numbers on the valve itself. Once you've located you valve model you can check out our >Filter Valve Parts.

?     Asked on 7/10/2014by Guest

What is the difference between 261050 (HiFlow) and 261055 (Multiport). Do they both have the same amount of ports, and perform the same functions?

A  Answered on 7/10/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

These would pretty much be the exact same valve the only difference is the 261050 is classified as a high flow valve. The 261050 valve can handle higher gallons per minute through valve and is also designed to handle higher operating pressures.

?     Asked on 10/23/2014by caroll williams

I need seals for a Purex Triton SM-902 filter valve. I only want to replace seals with out removing complete valve.

A  Answered on 10/24/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Caroll - I beleive your valve should be a SM20-2 and not SM-902 as I show that there was never a SM-902 but the SM20-2 was used on the Purex Triton Filters. We do carry the individual Parts for the Purex SM20-2 Valve  you should be able to the find any of the parts you need for your valve on that parts page.

?     Asked on 4/3/2015by Inyo Visitor

Is this the correct replacement part for a Triton II fiberglass sand filter. Residential.

A  Answered on 4/3/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Wes B.

Yes. That would be the correct replacement valve for your Triton II sand filter as long as you have 2 in Pvc. If you have 1-1/2 in Pvc the replacement p/n is (261173).

?     Asked on 5/3/2015by Ed

Will this be a good fit for a replacement for the Hayward so 715 with. Triton 140 DE filter?

A  Answered on 5/5/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Ed, Back in the day Purex / Pentair used Hayward valves on there Purex Triton filters however some while back Pentair started making there on valves. With this being said there are two valves which can be used on your filter the Hayward SP715ALL Valve or the Pentair 261055 Valve. The 261055 valve is a lot easier. There is a Slight difference in this and that old SP715 valve which has the pump and return ports one above the other. The 261055 will have them slightly staggered. The advantage of the 261055 Valve is that you won’t have to redo the plumbing coming from valve to filter. The SP715ALL Valve will have to be re-plumbed with new bulkhead nuts and pipe and the plumbing will have to be quite exact or the bulkhead nuts on the valve won’t match the spacing on the filter.


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