Pentair Large Plastic Pool Light Niche, 1" Top Hub, for Concrete Pools - 79206700



Part # 79206700

By Pentair Pool Products

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Part # 79206700

Alternate Part #'s AMP-30-6094, PEN79206700

Product Description

All Pentair Pool Products plastic concrete niches are molded of high strength, corrosion resistant PVC with a one inch PVC hub. Both 45 degree and 3/4 in. reducer bushings are included. Gunite models feature rebar tie-backs and a plaster ring for clean, simple installations. All are packed with a gunite/plaster shield.

Additional features include:

  • Large and small models
  • Rebar tie-backs
  • Plaster ring for secure sealing
  • Internal/external bonding lugs
  • High strength PVC construction
  • Rear one inch PVC hub
  • Includes 45 degree and 3/4 in. reducer bushings 
  • Includesgunite/plaster shield
    • Cord Seal Grommet Kit - 670044 - (sold separately)


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Product Specifications

Surface Type:
Pool / Spa Type:
Hub Size:
3/4" - 1"

?     Asked on 6/15/2020by Kawall Bandhan

Which NIche should i used for the Amerilite 78928500. and is this light for a vinyl inground pool?

A  Answered on 6/22/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

You would want to use niche part number 78232500 that you can view by clicking here

?     Asked on 5/30/2019by Inyo Visitor

Will this work with an american products model r 500 bc

A  Answered on 5/30/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. Yes, this Large Niche is compatible with the American Products R 500 BC fixture. 

?     Asked on 5/21/2019by Eric

I just bought a older home, It had a Hayward 12v light in the pool, when I took it out to replace bulb I noticed there’s no nitch it was screwed into the (I believe what should hold the nitch.) Do I need... a nitch and if so how do I figure out which type?

A  Answered on 6/30/2019 by InyoPools Product Specialist Megan C.

Yes, you should have a niche for proper installation of the light fixture. It is best to install the same manufacturer niche with pool light fixture for compatibility. Please contact our office with more details of the model or series of the pool light fixture, the diameter, and depth of the hole the niche will be installed to.

?     Asked on 6/23/2018by Ed

I'm replacing my niche in my gunite pool; because there's a leak behind it. I updated my light but never changed the niche, and the old one was to big and the light just sort of hung on. I'm looking to put the right niche in; how do I remove the old one.

A  Answered on 6/30/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Ed. To remove the old niche, you will have to chisel away the plaster around it. Then install the new niche using the instructions provided in the Large Plastic Niche Installation Procedures.

?     Asked on 6/13/2018by bs

My 7 yrs old Pentair Amerilite White is leaking water from the pool light housing. Do I need to replace niche and light?

A  Answered on 6/14/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

Hello BS- No, you would only need to replace the light fixture itself. These lights are water cooled so there will always be water behind the light.

?     Asked on 12/29/2017by Nicolas

Hi, It will work for a Intellibrite 601105 ? Thanks

A  Answered on 1/2/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Yes, this light will work that niche. 

?     Asked on 11/19/2017by Inyo Visitor

Currently have two Fiberstars lights with 10 inch niche. What 12 volt LED lights can I use to replace with this size niche and will this niche work with them? Thank you.

A  Answered on 11/20/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. You can use the Pentair Intellibrite LED Fixtures or the PureLine Pure Colors LED Pool Light Fixtures

?     Asked on 5/30/2017by Brian

I have amerlite pool light, the part of the niche that the light housing screws into has rusted away and I can no longer secure the light. I do not have access to both sides of the pool.Are there parts that I can replace?

A  Answered on 6/4/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Brian. You can use the Light Wedge - 132 to secure the fixture into the niche.

?     Asked on 4/12/2017by James Fay

Please confirm that this large niche is the correct one for this light: Intellibrite 5g 12v 100' Color LED Pool Light - 601012

A  Answered on 4/13/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Scott W.

Yes, that is the correct niche for the IntelliBrite.

?     Asked on 1/24/2017by Marc

Will the Pentair 78428100 replace a Fiberstars Jazz Light.

A  Answered on 1/25/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, Marc. Yes, the Pentair Amerlite's can be used to replace the Fiberstars Jazz Light.

?     Asked on 12/28/2016by lofty

hi can you tell me wich niche I need for pentair pool light 78438100. thank you

A  Answered on 12/28/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Adam Y.

Good afternoon Lofty, You are looking for Large Plastic Pool Niche Concrete - 79206700

?     Asked on 9/8/2016by Trevor

My gunite pool is older. (~30yrs) Would I need to replace the current niches? How are the Pentair niches for retro fitting the older pools?

A  Answered on 9/9/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Scott W.

You wouldn't necessarily have to change out the niches. I would get the dimensions (diameter and depth) first to see if the fixture that you are wanting to go with will fit your existing niche.

?     Asked on 11/20/2015by beverly


A  Answered on 11/20/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Beverly, The Large Plastic Pool Niche Concrete (79206700) will be able to hold Pentair IntelliBrite  LED Pool Light which is immersible.

?     Asked on 6/25/2015by Inyo Visitor

Best way to seal out the water from entering the conduit since the whole niche will be full of water

A  Answered on 6/27/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, You will need to used a Cord Stopper, depending on the size conduit hole and voltage of power you have.

?     Asked on 4/23/2015by Jeff

The Pentair concrete pool light niche says inside fresh water only. Will this work with salt water or will it corrode the grounding lug inside?

A  Answered on 4/23/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

Hello Jeff - This niche can be used in a salt water pool.

?     Asked on 10/8/2013by Guest

What is the difference between a niche and a light?

A  Answered on 10/8/2013 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

A niche is a housing that is permanently mounted in the pool wall, while the light is a “fixture” that is secured into the niche.


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