Part # 5020-137

Manufacturer Code R0446400

Alternate Part #'s O-652, O-83, R0446400, 35-295-1173, JDYR0446400

Product Description

Tailpiece O-ring For Jandy Pumps (Set of 2) - R0446400


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed


Bad pool pump motor

Written on 5/26/2020 by Guest

1. Ensure power is cut off to unit at both panels
2. Disconnect power lead to old motor
3. Remove bolts that connect back plate with motor still attached and pull from the pump housing
4. Once these bolts are removed you can lift the entire unit (motor and back plate) out and then disassemble motor (4 bolts I think) from motor to back plate.
5. Remove the diffuser which allows access to impeller and remove 1 stainless steel bolt in center
6. Now you can remove the impeller that will allow access to motor mechanical shaft seal
7) With back place off and impeller removed replace new seals and reverse order
8. For tailpiece o-ring removed old o ring and replaced with new ring coating with water based lubricant

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