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Part # R0807200

Alternate Part #'s R0445305, 35-295-1199, JDYR0807200

Product Description

Impeller 2.5 THP w/Screw, Backplate O-Ring - R0807200

Impeller with screw and Backplate O-ring for the following pumps:

  • Jandy ePumps 2.0 Horsepower Pumps (JEP)
  • Jandy Stealth 2 Horsepower Pumps (SHPF Series)
  • Jandy Stealth 2-1/2 Horsepower Pump (SHPM Series)
  • Jandy PlusHP 2 Horsepower Pumps (PHPF Series)
  • Jandy PlusHP 2-1/2 Horsepower Pumps (PHPM Series)

**NOTE: Pump Shaft Seal - R0479400 and Diffuser Kit - R0445400 sold separately.**


?     Asked on 11/22/2020by Ben Briley

I have changed the inpeller on my jandy pump but the replacement inpeller did not have the place the seal went on like the old one. I have looked for the same one but the new ones are just like the one that I got and I can't get it to stop leaking. Don't know if there is something I am missing ?

A  Answered on 12/1/2020 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Ben, it may the incorrect shaft seal. For us to suggest the proper seal kit could you send a photo of a wide shot of your complete pool pump to show the pipes going in and out of the pump, model, and serial number? To supply this photo simply click the reply link below and upload your photo. Once we get this photo we can make the proper recommendation for the seal kit.


Est. Repair Time

2 to 4 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Nut Drivers, Socket Set, Wrench Set

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Noise while pump was running

Written on 5/7/2022 by Guest

Terrible noise from pump, grinding clacking..Check flow of returns, clear strainers. Shut off pump. Disconnect power at breaker. Open pump basket cover. Remove basket strainer, check if diffuser is lose or moves. This an indication it’s mounting screws have dislodged from the back plate. Drain pump by removing 2 side plugs. With 5/16 nut driver remove rear electrical cover. Once odd remove electrical wires from L1 and L2 and the green ground. Loosen nut for conduit connection and pull conductors out of any fitting and the pump housing. Remove separate bare copper grounding from rear of motor. If desired take pump to a workbench. With 9/16 socket remove 8 bolts securing the pack plate to the pump reservoir. Gently pull reservoir away from pump back plane while supporting the diffuser. Remove 2 screws attaching diffuser to back plate. Use Phillips screwdriver to remove left hand thread in center of impeller Clockwise to remove. While holding rear bolt shaft of pump motor with an open end wrench turn impeller Counter clockwise to remove. Recommend replacing shaft seals and bearings along with other gasket for back plate and diffuser. If mounting screws for diffuser to back plate are missing check condition of mounting holes on back plate. Replace if necessary. Reverse process and ensure shaft seal has been correctly installed, do not over tighten impeller or mounting screw. Remount diffuser to back plate. Ensure correct orientation with up arrow. Do not tighten diffuser so tight that motor shaft will not spin freely. Use small amount of lock tight on screw to prevent pump vibration from loosing screws. Recommend using magic o ring lube on any seals. Gently so de the pump reservoir over the diffuser until it seats flush to inside of basket compartment. Return previously remove mounting bolts and tighten with a crisscrossing pattern . Evenly snug booths with this pattern until back plate is fully sealed. Return basket, lid, and plugs. Check for free movement of rear motor shaft before restoring wiring. If you are unsure of Electric connections do not attempt.

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