Which Intermatic Pool Timer Is Right for Me

Which Intermatic Pool Timer Is Right for Me?

Picking the right Intermatic Pool Timer can be a little overwhelming when review all their options. In this guide, we hope to narrow down your field of choices and explain the important stats to check

Ratings to Check

if you’ve seen a Intermatic catalog, you will know how many different acronyms, ratings, and specifications are tagged on each one of these pool timers.So, to cut out the confusion let’s focus on the key things you should check


Refers to the circuit voltage required to operate the timer mechanism and that can be dispensed / controlled by the pool timer. Residential pool pumps are wired with either 110V or 220V, for most mechanical timers, you’ll need to know the specific voltage your pump is wired for, to pick a compatible timer. most digital pool timer listed below are dual voltage, meaning they can be wired to 110V or 220V.

Digital Intermatic Time Clock Plastic Enclosure – PE153P

not sure on which voltage your poo pump motor runs on? rRead these guides to learn how to measure circuit voltage, Is My Pool Pump 115 V or 230 V, How To Use a Multimeter to Test a Pool Pump Motor – Voltage

Max Load Amps

This rating defines the pool timer’s circuit capacity. The simplest explanation I’ve heard to explain amperage, is that the voltage is the straw, the amps are the juice that delivers the energy from the juicebox, I mean breaker box.

Residential pumps are wired for 110V or 220V but their amp draw varies according to the pump’s horsepower. For the UST1102 1 HP Century pump motor pulls 15 A on a 115 V circuit; whereas a UST1152 1.5HP Century pump motor puuls 18.6 A on the same 115 V circuit.

if you plan to wire muliple devices to an Intermatic Pool Timer, you’ll need to ttally up how many ampsto make certain it does not exceed the timer’s Max Amp Load.

Freeze Protection

Freeze protection devices are pool automation controls with built-in thermostats; they monitor air temps and will turn on the pump if temperatures drop below a set point. Flowing water is less likely to freeze and burst your pvc plumbing then if it was left o to settle. Freeze protection devices can go a long way in preventing a costly replumbing repair.

Freeze protection devices come with some timer packages, are available as accessory add-ons, or standlalone freeze protection devices

Pool owners living in cold states or in areas subject to freezing cold fronts (Texas, I’m looking at you) freeze protection timers are a great addition. if you’re in persistently cold states like Michigan, Minnesota, the Dakotas and the like, it’d be best to fully winterize and drain your pool and its plumbing.

Heater Protection

Commonly referred to as a fireman’s switch, a timer’s heater protection feature turns off the heater about 20-minutes before the pump is scheduled to turn off. By shutting down the pool heater before the pump, the heat exchanger is allowed to cool down gradually. Fireman switches were required on older gas pool heater models because they heater cabinets did not dissipate heat fast enough.

Plug Type, Above Ground Pool Timer Specific

Single Speed Pump, 110 Volt

Model Number Enclosure Type Voltage Max LoadHeater Protection*
T101P3Plastic110 VAC40 ANo
T101R3Metal 110 VAC40 ANo
P1251PPlastic 110 VAC40 ANo
T101P201Plastic 110 VAC40 AYes
T101R201Metal 110 VAC40 AYes

Single Speed or Dual Speed, 220 Volt

Model Number Enclosure Type Voltage Max LoadHeater ProtectionDual Speed Pump Control
T104P3Plastic220 VAC40 ANoOn / Off Only
T104R3Metal220 VAC40 ANo On / Off Only
T104P201Plastic220 VAC40 AYesOn / Off Only
T104R201Metal220 VAC40 AYesOn / Off Only
T10604RMetal220 VAC40 ANoOn / Off & Hi / Lo

Above Ground Pool Timers

Model Number Voltage Max Load Plug TypeCord Length
P1101120 VAC 15 AmpsStandard 3-Prong 22 inch
P1121120 VAC 15 Amps Standard 3-Prong13 inch
P1131120 VAC 15 Amps Twist Lock22 inch

Digital Pool Timers

Model Number Enclosure TypeVoltageMax LoadFreeze ProtectionHeater ProtectionRemote IncludedTwo Speed Motor Control
PE153PPlastic120 /2 40 VAC17 ANoNoNoYes
PE153FMetal120 / 240 VAC17 A YesNoNoYes
PE153PFPlastic120 / 240 VAC17 A YesNoNoYes
PE653RCMetal120 / 240 VACCircuit 1 = 20 A
Circuit 2-5 = 15 A*
* Contact Ratings for Each Circuit

Freeze Protectors

Model NumberEnclosure TypeVoltageIncludes TimerThermostat Range
PF1102Metal240 VACNo33°F – 42°F
PF1103Metal120 / 240 VACNo33°F – 42°F
PF1102TMetal240 VAC Yes33°F – 42°F
PF1103TMetal120 / 240 VACYes33°F – 42°F
PF1222TBMetal120 / 240 VACYes33°F – 42°F

Do you have any questions about Intermatic pool timers or swimming pools in general, feel free to leave a comment down below, or visit us over at InyoPools.com

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