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Jacks Magic

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Inyo Pool Products has gone through the comprehensive training and education program to become a Jack's Magic Certified Stain Specialist. Please use our Swimming Pool Stain Removal Guide or call us at 1-877-372-603

Model # Item Price  
JMSURFACE02 Jacks Magic SURFACE MAGIC 2oz. $16.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
JMTILE032 Jacks Magic Tile Stuff Plus 32oz. $17.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
JMSTAINID Jacks Magic STAIN ID KIT $22.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
JMSAPPHIRE032 Jacks Magic The Saphire Stuff 32oz. $22.99 Description

Model # Item Bottle Size Price  
JMMAGENTA032 Jacks Magic MAGENTA STUFF 32 oz 32 Oz. $25.99 Description
**Free Shipping**
5 Gallons $486.99 Description

Model # Item Qty. Price  
JMION032 Jacks Magic The Ionizer Stuff 32oz. 32 oz. $25.99 Description

Model # Item Qty. Price  
JMPURPLE032 Jacks Magic The Purple Stuff 32oz. 32 oz. ft. $25.99 Description
JMPURPLE7040 Jacks Magic The Purple Stuff 53.5 gal
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53.5 gal ft. $2,760.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
SI003 Jacks Magic DRUM PUMP Syphon - Red $38.99 Description

Chlorine Reducer
Model # Item Weight Price  
JMAFTER16 Jacks Magic After Shock 16 oz. Chlorine Reducer 1 lbs. $41.99 Description

Model # Item Qty. Price  
JMYELLOW2 Jacks Magic The Yellow Stuff 2lbs 2 lbs. $41.99 Description
JMYELLOW0660 Jacks Magic The Yellow Stuff 6oz Bag 6 oz. $20.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
JMSTEPSTUFF Jacks Magic The Step Stuff Kits $45.99 Description

Swimming Pool Stain Removal Guide

*NOTE: Chemical packaging may vary from images shown. We cannot guarantee type of packaging (i.e. bucket, bag or box).