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Pool Light Bulbs & Spa Light Bulbs

PureColors White Light
Part # Item Color Pool / Spa Type Volts Warranty Watts Price  
PL5846 LED Spa Bulb White Light 12V 5W
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Normally $159.99!
White Light Spa 12 V 1 yrs 5 W $74.99 Description

PureColors Color Changing
Part # Item Color Controller Pool / Spa Type Volts Warranty Watts Price  
PL5817 LED Spa Bulb Color Changing 120V 5W
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Normally $179.99!
Color Changing Light Switch Spa 120 V 5 W $99.99 Description

ColorSplash LXG LED Bulbs (3 Year Warranty)
Item # Item Color Pool / Spa Type Volts Warranty Price  
LPL-P2-RGB-120 ColorSplash LXG LED Pool Lamp 120V
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Normally $329.99!
Color Changing Pool 120 V 3 yrs $299.99 Description
LPL-P2-RGB-12 ColorSplash LXG LED Pool Lamp 12V
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Color Changing Pool 12 V 3 yrs $329.99 Description

Part # Item Volts Watts Price  
NA708 100W Mini Candelabra Halogen 120V T4 Bulb 120 V 100 W $14.99 Description
NA710 250W Mini Candelabra Halogen 120V 120 V 250 W $8.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Volts Watts Price  
NA712 SPP-1401 100W DC Bayonet Halogen Clear 120V 120 V 100 W $24.99 Description

Model # Item Color Pool / Spa Type Volts Watt Equivalent Price  
602077 Pentair AmerBrite White LED Lamp 120 Volt - 500 Watt Equivalent
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White Pool 120 500 W $516.99 Description

Replacement Bulbs - Replace your Current Bulb with a Color Changing LED Bulb

Guides: How to Replace a Pool Light Bulb

The 2G bulbs are Economy LED Pool Light Bulbs where the 3G are the Brightest LED Pool Light Bulbs on the market, finally the PureWhite Pool Light Bulbs are ideal for Commercial Pools

Pool Light Bulbs and Spa Light Bulbs
Specially designed to keep your pool well lit this season. Our pool light bulbs are made with thicker filaments and glass to last longer. Heavy duty heat shielding prevents damaging heat build-up and prolongs the bulb's life. No reason to replace your whole pool or spa light use one of our pool light bulbs and spa light bulbs

Pool Lens Gaskets and Spa Lens Gaskets
Remember when replacing your pool light bulbs or spa light bulbs it is very important to replace the lights lens gasket. After long use, heat, and harsh chemicals, the old gasket is probably compressed, and if it doesn't fail immediately, it might fail before the next bulb change. Click here for Pool Light Lens Gaskets