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AutoPilot Chlorine Generator


O.E.M Replacement Cell
Model # Mfg Code Item Treatment Capacity Price  
SC36 RC35/22 AutoPilot OEM Replacement Salt Cell with Unions 5-Blade for up to 20,000 Gallons
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20,000 gal. $406.99 Description


Patented By-pass with strainer

Operates below 50F

Operates effectively at all salt levels between 2000 and 35,000 PPM

25% more power than any other power supply

One power supply 3 cell choices

3 Power output levels

Selectable reversing rate

Pools up to 50,000 Gal.

Chlorine ratings based on a pump run time of 8 Hrs. Competitors chlorine ratings are based on a pump run time of 24 Hrs.

LED readout

Soft Touch Controls

Multiple boost cycle

Blades of cell use 40% more coating than competition

Accurate salt reading

Patented temperature compensation

Dual Axis power optimizer

Operates at temps of 104F

Life-Time trade-in value on cell

Manufactured in the USA

26 Years manufacturing Self-Cleaning Salt Chlorine Generators

Chlorine output Savings

ST-36 = 10-11 Tablets per week

ST-48 = 12-15 Tablets per week

ST-60 = 20 Tablets per week