Hayward TriStar 120GPM Waterfall Pump, Energy Efficient - SP36120EE


Model # SP36120EE

By Hayward Pool Products

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Model # SP36120EE

Product Description

Superior performance, energy efficiency and value are the qualities that you can depend on when it comes to the TriStar high performance Waterfall pump by Hayward. The advanced fluid dynamic design optimizes the three essential pump elements to deliver superior flow, and energy efficiency creating a new benchmark in residential waterfall pumps. TriStar features the most energy-efficient hydraulics with a revolutionary motor-cooling design for an extended motor life. It's the first pump to feature a Tri-Lock cam and ramp strainer cover with a super sized, smooth, no-rib basket. This extra large leaf holding capacity extends the time between cleanings, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your waterfall. It also features a dynamic airflow for a quieter, cooler operation and it seamlessly retrofits to almost any existing filtration system. TriStar-Your High-Performance Waterfall Pump Solution, only from Hayward.


    • Optimizes fluid dynamic technology for superior flow
    • Desert Rated
    • Easy-to-clean, no-rib basket
    • Seamlessly retrofits into existing bases
    • Easy to install



      GPM Rating: 120


      Voltage: 115/208/230


      Pipe Size: 2" / 2-1/2"


    Energy Efficient

Product Specifications

Flow Rating:
120 GPM
115/208-230 V
Union Connectors:
2 x 2.5 in.

?     Asked on 3/29/2017 by Rick byers

Will a Hayward sp36120 ee tristar 120 gpm pump replace a speck 21-80, 30g water feature pump? It supplies the disappearing edge feature on an infinity pool with a sharp edge.

A  Answered on 3/29/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Scott W.

The difference is going to be the plumbing size.

?     Asked on 5/5/2015 by Dave R

Hello. Can this pump (or the 75 GPM version) be used on an existing in-ground pool with 1.5" return lines and 2" suction lines? I did read in the manual 2" lines were a minimum requirement but wasn't sure if that was for optimal flow vs. potential damage to lines. Looking to replace a 1.5 HP single speed pump providing water to waterfall with 2 outputs and 4 separate laminars all at same time. Thanks.

A  Answered on 5/5/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

Dave- The Hayward TriStar Waterfall pumps; 120GPM SP36120EE and 75GPM SP36075EE, need a minimum of 2" plumbing, as outlined in the owner's manual. Reducing the size of your plumbing will cause back pressure that will be harmful to the pump.

?     Asked on 3/14/2010 by Guest

What is the amp rating for this pump?

A  Answered on 3/14/2010 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The amps when running at 208-230 Volts is 4.0 - 3.6 and if you wire at 120 Volts the amp draw is 7.2 amps. The Owner's manual suggests a 10 amp breaker and to wire with 14 gauge wire.


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