How To Clean a Corroded Salt Chlorine Generator Cord Head


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If you have a pre 2011 Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator System and it is displaying odd error messages, check to see if the cord head that plugs into the salt cell is loose. Over time the power sockets in the cord head may corrode and melt and start to push away from the cell. A lose head causes bad contacts which generates more heat and intermittent power. This guide shows how to clean the cord head and make it fit snugly to the cell.

Step by Step


Step 1

Tools You Will Need: Small round file, fine sand paper, small 1/4" dowel, needle nose pliers

Step 2

Before you start working on the salt chlorine generator system, turn off power to the cell. Switch off at the circuit breaker or at a dedicated switch if you have one. Do not switch off at the timer as this can cycle back on automatically.

Step 3

The cord head is pushed on to the end of the salt chlorine generator cell. This picture shows the head partially pushed off the cell.

Step 4

Pull the head off of the cell

Step 5

This picture shows the corrosion and melted material that has built up inside the sockets. Note how clean the center socket is to compare how badly the others have become. Note: the outside sockets carry the power to the cell (polarity 1 and polarity 2); the inner socket is only a sensor line.

Step 6

Clean the sockets with a small round file or with fine sandpaper that is wrapped around the file or a small diameter dowel. You may also have to use a small screw driver to remove the melted material that is inside the socket. When you are done, the two power sockets should look like the inner socket - but not as shiny.

Step 7

Crimp the power sockets slightly with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Step 8

Sand the terminal pegs with fine sandpaper.

Step 9

Push the cord head back onto the three terminal pegs. It should go in flush with the blue casing as shown. If it doesn't feel snug, try crimping the sockets a little more.

Step 10

Turn the power to the salt chlorine generator system back on at the switch.

Step 11

Check the LED lights on the control box. After flashing of a couple of seconds, the lights should be on for "Power On" and "Polarity 1" or "Polarity 2". Check later in the day to see that the Polarity light switch.

Step 12

Note: This is a temporary fix. If the cord head melted once it will probably melt again. We suggest replacing this cord with Compupools newer designed cord: JD363200A-11(6' cord) or JD363200B-11 (15' cord)The salt chlorine generator cell must be installed horoziontally for the system to work properly.


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 Posted: 5/30/2017 

I am having an issue with my compu pool read out saying Not Geniune - call dealer when we started it up this year. We have gone through the info provided in your problem solving area. The dealer is no longer in USA but I have sent them a message. Not sure what else to try.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/2/2016 

Jb - Check to make sure the leads going into the cell cord head are tight. You may want to crimp the female ends of the connections slightly to make sure they are tight. If the cord head is melted, you may have to replace the cord head. See our guide on "How To Replace the Compupool Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Cable". Otherwise, the power PCB may be failing. Check with Compupool at 888-989-7258 before you invest in a new PCB.

 Posted: 8/31/2016 

I got a compupool salt generator 36 , I replaced cell this year and after about a week it started tripping reset switch every couple days know today I check it and went to reset and it would not reset I could hold the reset button in and it would act as if it's was going to work polarity light would come on but could not tell the cell was working never seen any foaming in cell . Any idea what this could be , if you don't hold reset in it just goes right back off thanks