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Replacement Pool Salt Cells

AquaRite Cells
Item # Item Treatment Capacity Type Warranty Price  
W3T-CELL-3 AquaRite 15K Replacement Cell
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15,000 gal. O.E.M 3 yrs $429.00 Description
W3GLX-CELL-5 AquaTrol & AquaRite 20K Replacement Cell Only - No Unions
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20,000 gal. O.E.M 2 yrs $599.00 Description
W3T-CELL-9 AquaRite 25K Replacement Cell
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25,000 gal. O.E.M 3 yrs $679.00 Description
W3T-CELL-15 AquaRite Replacement Cell (TCELL15)
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40,000 gal. O.E.M 3 yrs $899.00 Description

Pentair Intellichlor Salt Cell
Part # Item Treatment Capacity Type Price  
EC-520554 IntelliChlor® IC20 Salt Chlorine Generator
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20,000 gal. O.E.M $739.00 Description
EC-520555 IntelliChlor Salt IC40 Chlorine Generator
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40,000 gal. O.E.M $829.00 Description

Clormatic & Jandy 2-Port Cell
Model # Item Cord Length Number of Ports Treatment Capacity Type Price  
GRCJ12-2 Jandy Aqua Pure & Clormatic 700 2-port cell, 15,000 Gallon (After Market) 90 DAY WARRANTY
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Normally $339.99!
16 ft. 2 15,000 gal. After Market $301.99 Description

O.E.M Replacement Cell
Model # Mfg Code Item Treatment Capacity Price  
SC36 RC35/22 AutoPilot OEM Replacement Salt Cell with Unions 5-Blade for up to 20,000 Gallons
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20,000 gal. $406.99 Description

Jandy Purelink Salt Cell
Part # Item Cord Length Treatment Capacity Type Price  
PLC700 AquaPure 700 3-Port Cell Kit, 12,000 Gallon (O.E.M) - PLC700
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16 ft. 12,000 gal. O.E.M $730.99 Description

Chlormatic Salt Cell
Part # Mfg Code Item Cord Length Model Price  
2805-001 ECE050 Cm301 Cell With 16' Dc Cord
**Free Shipping**
16 ft. CM301 $964.99 Description