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Model # 05086-0100

Warranty 1 Year on Parts

Dimensions 8-1/2" X 6-1/4" X 100'

Alternate Part #'s 050860100, PEN05086-0100, STA-30-3010

Product Description

SwimQuip Underwater Lights(REPLACEMENT ONLY: SwimQuip Niches have been discontinued.)

Standard pool and spa lighting is a must for nighttime pool safety and enjoyment. But their usefulness doesn't end with simply illuminating darkened pools.

Standard pool lights can also enhance your pool and spa's beauty and help create an inviting backyard environment after the sun goes down.


05082-0025(25ft. Cord Length) - 12Volt Light, 300 Watt
05082-0050(50ft. Cord Length) - 12Volt Light, 300 Watt


05086-0025(25ft. Cord Length) - 120 Volt Light, 500 Watt
05086-0050(50ft. Cord Lenght) - 120 Volt Light, 500 Watt
05086-0100(100ft. Cord Length) - 120 Volt Light, 500 Watt


  • Materials of Construction – Utilizes a heavy copper shell .
  • High-impact Lens with many small prisms – Designed to reflect light rays throughout the pool, yet eliminates undue glare from above.
  • UL and CSA Listed – For fresh water.

Product Notes:

  • NOTE: 12 volt, 300 watt lights and 120 volt, 500 watt lights are U.L. and C.U.L. Listed (fresh water only).
  • NOTE: Sta-Rite does not recommend installing 12V lights with cord lengths greater than 50'. A significant voltage drop occurs which dramatically reduces the light output.
  • NOTE: Each pool or spa light should be installed with its own ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • NOTE: UL has listed Swimquip lights for use with Swimquip niches. To ensure proper grounding/bonding connections, install only Swimquip niches




Product Specifications

Cord Length:
100 ft.
120 V
500 W

?     Asked on 6/29/2008by Guest

Where can I find the replacement bulb for this light as well as dimmensions on the replacement bulb? Also can I replace the bulb in my Swimquip light with a color changing LED bulb?

A  Answered on 6/29/2008 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Here is a link to the replacement bulb for the swimquip light (120V 500 Watt - NA706) This page shows dimmensions of the bulb and you may purchase this bulb directly through the link above. Unfortunately at this time there is not a LED replacement bulb available for the swimquip light, all of the current LED replacement bulbs are too large for the Swimquip housing.

?     Asked on 9/23/2010by Guest

What are the dimensions of this light?

A  Answered on 9/23/2010 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Total front to back, 7-1/2" (from front of the lens to the back of the light); Front to back, 6-5/8" (Just the copper shell of the light); 8-1/2" wide on the faceplate; 3-3/4" wide at the back of the shell.

?     Asked on 7/4/2011by Guest

I have an old Anthony pool light in my pool which needs to be replaced, I believe the Anthony light may have been discontinued, do you have a suitable replacement?

A  Answered on 7/4/2011 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

> >The Anthony light has indeed been discontinued and the Swimquip light fits most old Anthony pools underwater lights. The Swimquip light measures 8-1/2" outside diameter, Front of lens to back of light 7 1/2" and shell rear diameter measures 3 - 3/4"

?     Asked on 2/28/2012by Guest

Will this bulb fit my Sta-Rite Swimquip light.

A  Answered on 2/28/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Yes. The J & J pure white bulb will fit the Sta-Rite Swimquip lights. Please make certain to order the correct  >replacement gasket for the Sta-Rite Swimquip light. The J & J pure white bulbs come with a gasket for the >Pentair Amerilite.

?     Asked on 12/17/2014by Inyo Visitor

I took out a Swimquip No. 5075,(out of a pool that was converted to salt setup) at the bottom it says for freshwater only. Is this light a proper replacement ? Is this light OK for a salt setup ?

A  Answered on 12/18/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

We could not cross reference model number 5075. Model 05086-0100 is the correct replacement if you have a 500 watt 120v Swimquip pool light. The 05086-0100 will work in a saltwater pool.


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