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Part # PL0172

Dimensions 25" L x 9" W x 5" D

Alternate Part #'s 192332, 59002300, DEX4800DS, R0554900, 14-775-1035, APCPGR3, FILFC-9440, PG1904

Product Description

Time to Replace Your DE Grids?

Our DE Grids are used on the most common pool filters including American Products®, Pentair®, Hayward® & Pac-Fab®. Most DE Filters will require 7 Full Grids and 1 Partial Grid. Typically DE grids last about 5 years so if it has been longer than 5 years then now is the time to replace your DE grids.

Things to Consider When Replacing Your DE Grids

  • Most DE Filters Require 7 Full Grids & 1 Partial Grid
  • DE Grids Normally Last 5 Years
  • Commonly Used on Hayward®, Pentair®, Pac-Fab® and American Products®

Note: Collar has open slot (2 notches). Length is measured from one end of the grid to the other (collar not included).




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Product Specifications

Commonly Used On:
American®, Hayward®, Pac-Fab®, Pentair®, Sta-Rite®
48 sq. ft.
Grid Length:
24 in.
Grid Width:
9-1/2 in.
Full Grid:

?     Asked on 9/14/2012by Guest

What is the micron rating for a Unicel element?

A  Answered on 9/14/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

All Unicel elements & grids have a 20 Micron Rating.

?     Asked on 12/18/2012by Guest

How do I know which replacement grids I should order?

A  Answered on 12/18/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Typically, the filter label will contain the filter model and square footage of your grids. If the information on the label can not be read, you can measure the length (top to bottom) of the grid and multiply by 2 to get the square footage. For example: A 12" grid length would mean that the square footage is 24. 

?     Asked on 3/25/2016by Sal Calabrese

What is the procedure for replacing DE grids? 48 sf

A  Answered on 3/26/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

Sal- Here is a how-to guide that shows you how to replace DE filter grids. http://www.inyopools.com/HowToPage/how_to_replace_de_filter_grids.aspx

?     Asked on 12/5/2017by Inyo Visitor

will these fit any filter

A  Answered on 12/6/2017 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi. These grids will not fit any filter. You will need to locate your filter model to confirm the correct size replacement grid. 

?     Asked on 9/26/2022by Keith Roberts

Will this replace a small grid (48 sq feet) on a Jandy DE filter? Thanks

A  Answered on 10/3/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

Hi Keith, yes this grid is compatible with the Jandy DEL series D.E. filter that you can view by clicking here


Est. Repair Time

2 to 4 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Socket Set, Adjustable Wrench

Replacing torn DE filter cartridges

Written on 7/26/2022 by Guest

Shut off electric to pool pump and filter. Relieved air from filter at top of filter. Remove water drain plug at lower back of filter to drain water. Removed band around filter. Take top of filter off. Remove filters from casing of DE filter. Remove top that holds DE filters in place. Remove one filter at a time and replace with new cartridge filter. Put top on that holds filters in place. Put assembly of filter cartridges back into housing. Connect housing with band around filter housing. Replace drain plug. Turn electric on and let filter fill up. Open air valve to let air escape. Add DE filter media to pool. Check for water leaks on filter.

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Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench

1     0

The fabric on three of the grids was broken resulting in de powder leaking into the pool.

Written on 1/10/2022 by Guest

This is the same procedure for installing the other 7 grids, I'm repeating it here for completeness.

After opening the air relief valve to remove the pressure from the tank, I removed the tank cover. Then I took the grid assembly out of the tank. I disassembled the unit by removing the 5/16" locking nut from the top while holding the 7/16" nut at the bottom with an adjustable wrench. After disposing the old grids and hosing down the residual de from the other parts, with the aid of a video from YouTube, I reassembled the grids in the upright position using a grid guide costing $15 from a local retail store that really made it easy to attach the manifold. Reinstall the locking nut and place the complete grid assembly back into the tank. The whole process was fairly straight forward but took some patience. Most important thing is to replace each grid in the proper order. Total time spent about two hours.

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