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Part # PL0183

Dimensions 31" L x 11.5" W x 6.5" D

Alternate Part #'s 59003000, DEX6000DA, FC-9350, R0359100, V38-193, 14-775-1015, APCFGR4, FG1005, UNFFG1005

Product Description

Time to Replace Your DE Grids?

Our DE Grids are used on the most common pool filters including American Products®, Pentair®, Hayward® & Pac-Fab®. Most DE Filters will require 7 Full Grids and 1 Partial Grid. Typically DE grids last about 5 years so if it has been longer than 5 years then now is the time to replace your DE grids.

Things to Consider When Replacing Your DE Grids

  • Most DE Filters Require 7 Full Grids & 1 Partial Grid
  • DE Grids Normally Last 5 Years
  • Commonly Used on Hayward®, Pentair®, Pac-Fab® and American Products®

Note: Collar has open slot (2 notches). Length is measured from one end of the grid to the other (collar not included).




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Product Specifications

60 sq. ft.
Commonly Used On:
American®, Hayward®, Pac-Fab®, Pentair®, Sta-Rite®
Grid Length:
30 in.
Grid Width:
11-1/2 in.
Partial Grid:

?     Asked on 9/14/2012by Guest

What is the micron rating for a Unicel element?

A  Answered on 9/14/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

All Unicel elements & grids have a 20 Micron Rating.

?     Asked on 4/23/2015by MARIO


A  Answered on 4/24/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Robert M.

Hello Mario - The DE-600S does take 7 full grids and 1 partial grid.

?     Asked on 5/1/2015by Inyo Visitor

how many full Hayward de filter grids do i need 11 1/2" , 7 ? do i need a partial grid also 9 1/2" ?

A  Answered on 5/1/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

Hayward DE filters will require 7 Full girds and 1 Partial grid. If you have a 60sq ft. filter you would need 7 of the FG1005 and 1 of the PG1905. If you need to get the whole set you can get the FG1005PACK.

?     Asked on 8/9/2015by Tom

Which grids do I need for a Nautilus NS 36?

A  Answered on 8/11/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Hi Tom, Here is the Complete Nautilus NS36 Grid Assembly you would require. If you only require the DE Grids then the FG1003PACK DE Grid Pack is what you would need.

?     Asked on 10/16/2015by Teresa Osborn

can you cross reference a Purex D. E. Filter Grid. Model # SMBW 2060 filter area is 60 sq ft

A  Answered on 10/19/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Teresa, The 30" Purex Grid (074925) would be the correct grid(s) for the SMBW 2060 DE Filter.


Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Nut Drivers, Adjustable Wrench

Broken Filter Grids and DE Returning to Pool

Written on 9/22/2022 by Guest

1. Turned pump off.
2. Open air relief valve on filter.
3. Moved multiport valve to closed setting.
4. Removed filter plug to drain water from filter.
5. Removed nut from filter and ring.
6. Removed ring and pulled upper filter housing off of lower filter.
7. Removed large o-ring, inspected and hosed off.
8. Lifted filter via manifold supports and off inlet tube.
9. Removed support nut and manifold.
10. Remove 8 grids.
11. Wash out filter.
12. Install 8 new grids to base plate and manifold.
13. Reinstall gasket and lubricate.
14. Place top filter housing back onto lower filter housing
15. Install support ring and tighten nut per manual.
16. Place multiport valve in filter mode.
17. Make sure pump is primed.
18. Close air relief valve when streaming flow occurs.
19. Add new DE to skimmer per manual procedures.
20. Set pressure indicator to clean pressure mark.
21. Done.

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Est. Repair Time

2 to 4 hrs

Tools Needed

Socket Set, Wrench Set

Filter high pressure, blew seal

Written on 7/27/2021 by Guest

Opened up the filter, cleaned off the grids, removed the filter. Cleaned in TSP then soaked
grids in 1 gallon of muriatic acid and 15 gallons of water for 2 hours doing 4 at a time
rinsed the grids reassembled and installed new filter. Added DE filter material and all good.

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Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, Socket Set

1     0

High pressure

Written on 7/9/2019 by Guest

The pressure was increasing past 30 shortly after turning the pump on. The current filters looked ok but after i replaced them the pressure was steady at 13. Inyo says it takes 7 filters but the correct number is 8. They dont give you the shorter one near the inlet

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Est. Repair Time

1 to 2 hrs

Tools Needed

Socket Set, Teflon o-ring grease

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DE was being washed into the pool while the pump was operating. Torn grid cover Hayward Microclear DE Filter.

Written on 1/24/2018 by Andrew G.

1. First I checked the Inyo online forums and videos. That confirmed that the problem was probably a torn filter grid cover.
2. Also using the Inyo video guides, I dismantled the DE filter and found a small tear on the edge of one grid. Ordered a replacement grid AND the body O-ring, which was also worn.
3. Replaced the leaking grid, again after watching a video linked to INYO. This is a tedious process with a Hayward filter, no way to speed make it easy, unless Hayword or INYO could make a template to hold the grids in place while reattaching the upper manifold.
4. Lubes the O-ring, reassembled the filter and loaded the filter with DE. It all rem,ained in the filter. No more leaks!

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