Hayward CCX1000V Air Relief Assembly with O-Ring



Part # 4663-32

By Hayward Pool Products

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Part # 4663-32

Manufacturer Code CCX1000V

Dimensions 3.75" L x 2" W x 2" D

Alternate Part #'s CCX1000V, 17-150-1296, HAY-051-7009, HAYCCX1000V

Product Description

Air Relief Assembly w/ O-ring - CCX1000V


?     Asked on 12/5/2016by Joseph Reuterskiold

ok... first off I do know what tank I have c2030 or c3030 etc... but it look just like that type.. Second I am sure I have the DEX2420mar2 on it.. Well my problem is the Air Relief assembly is now leaking a little at the end when it is completely screwed shut... and of course one the pump is off... air is getting sucked back in. Do I just need to replace this part and not the whole DEX2420mar2. and if so do I just unscrew it off the top of the DEX2420mar2 and the new one just screws back in?.

A  Answered on 12/5/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Adam Y.

Good afternoon Joseph, The part number you provided was for the top air relief. That part can go with a lot of different filters. To best determine what filter you have. Give us the number off of one of the elements. Or you can reference from your element here.Hayward SwimClear C2030, C3030, C4030, C5030, C7030 Parts

?     Asked on 8/21/2015by angel p jimenez

does this part fits model 4820 Hayward filter?

A  Answered on 8/21/2015 by InyoPools Product Specialist Andy O.

Angel- The Air Relief Ass'y W/ O-ring (ccx1000v) part # 4663-32 is the correct air relief assembly for the Hayward Pro Grid DE4820.

?     Asked on 10/3/2014by Guest

Replacing leaking relief valve. Do I have to remove top half of filter housing and unscrew the plastic nut to remove this part or does it simply unscrew counter -clockwise without removing the top half of the filter shell?

A  Answered on 10/3/2014 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

For this model filter you do not need to remove the flter lid in order to replace the air relief valve. Simply unthread/uncrew it an put the new on. Maybe use some teflon tape on the threads of the air relief before installing aswell.


Est. Repair Time

Less than 1 hr

Tools Needed

Wrench Set, Hands, Faucet Wrench, Petroleum Jelly

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Just before leaving town for a week, found Air Relief leaking/Spraying water across yard. Had to Fix it fast...

Written on 8/26/2020 by Guest

INYO had the new Air Relief valve in stock and thankfully had overnight delivery available. To replace the Air Relief:
1) Shut off pump

2) unscrew the top pressure gage using a box wrench on the back of the gage (there's a metal nut on back of gage / don't turn the plastic gage HOUSING or it will break)

3) rotate the black top assembly cover (Hayward DEX2420MAR2) counterclockwise with my hands to unlock it and remove it from the filter dome.

The air relief ass'y is held in place on the cover with a plastic wingnut accessed from inside the cover. My fat fingers couldn't reach in there to grip the nut. This is the most challenging part of the process...

4) I used a RIGID model No. 2006 socket-type Faucet wrench from my toolbox to reach in there and loosen the plastic wingnut. Other, similar tools might work as well - or a friend with longer fingers / smaller hands might do it...

5) pull the old Air Relief Ass'y and old O-ring out

6) position the new top O-ring and air relief valve assembly in place (Make sure to align the tab on the new part with the matching indent in the cover, so it seals properly)

7) replace the wingnut and tighten to seal against O-ring

8) put Petroleum Jelly on the outside of the cover threads and seat

9) verify the cover gasket is in position on filter head

10) press cover in-place on filter head and rotate cover clockwise until the markings on filter head line up, showing it is again locked into position

11) reinstall gage and tighten with wrench (don't over tighten)

12) rotate the orange lever on the Air Relief counter clockwise to the open position

13) turn pump on and allow air to vent from filter as water pressures up filter (you can hear it hissing as air is vented)

14) When water comes out of the Air Relief valve, just rotate the orange lever clockwise to seal it off

=> No more leak.
Entire process takes about 15 minutes

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Est. Repair Time

Less than 1 hr

Tools Needed


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Leaky valve

Written on 8/28/2017 by Guest

I removed the old one and installed the new valve.

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