How to Pick the Correct Pentair Challenger Gasket Kit (GOKIT)


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The Pentair Challenger has two subsets of models, the High Pressure / High Head and the High Flow / Medium Head. These two models use two semi-unique gasket kits. The High head uses a housing and diffuser gasket with a round cross-section, whereas the High Flow requires the square o-ring. There are a few ways to determine which Challenger variance you own. Let’s review them.

Pentair Challenger Parts Diagram

Step by Step


Step 1

Model Number - The Challenger has two distinct model number formats. One or both should be listed on your pump’s model info tag.

  • CF or CH
    • The two letter prefix on this style format identifies if the CH denotes a High Pressure / High Head model which uses the GOKIT5 (or GOKIT5SALT), The CF denotes the pump is a High Flow / Medium Head model, which requires the GOKIT73.
  • The six-digit model number begins with 3
    • There is no code to break on this format; you can take this model number, enter it into our online database, and pull up the correct gasket kit. The easiest way to find it is to input it into our search.

Step 2

Check the Diffuser and Housing Gaskets - If the model number is unreadable, the next step is to open the housing to check the shape of your current gaskets. That way, we can match like for like, round to round or square to square.

Round Diffuser and Housing O-rings
Square Diffuser and Housing O-rings

Step 3

No model number - What if for some unforeseeable reason the model number is too obscured to read and some rubber bandit stole your housing and diffuser gaskets before you send check them, of they have so deteriorated that you cannot figure out their original shape
  • Open the pump to check the part numbers of your impeller and diffuser. The Challenger’s impeller and diffuser have variations based on if it is for a High Flow or High-Pressure model.
  • Enter that part number into Inyo's search engine at the top of the page. The result should provide a result that denotes whether you have a CH or CF model.



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