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Part # PL2705

Warranty 18 Months Motor | 12 Months Housing Note: NOT California Title 20 Compliant.

Product Description


Note: NOT California Title 20 Compliant. 


Maximize your savings with the new PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pump.

The PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pump utilizes Century’s fully featured V-Green 165 motor, delivering premium energy efficiency and program flexibility with an integrated user interface. The PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pump is an exact replacement to the Hayward® Super II Pump, making it quick and cost efficient to replace.

The PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pump can save you up to 80% in energy costs over single-speed pumps.  It also has faster payback than the more expensive variable speed pumps because of it is sized to match the performance of the most common medium head pumps.


  • Horse Power = 1.65 - .50 HP
  • Voltage = 208-230V
  • Port Size = 2" 
  • Amps = 10.5 - 0.5
  • Service Factor = 1.0

PureLine Prime Pump Application:

  • In-ground pools of all types and sizes
  • In-ground spas  

PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pump Benefits:

  • Drop in Replacement for the Hayward® Super II Pump
  • Up to 80% energy savings over single speed pumps
  • Full Variable Speed (600-3450 RPMs)
  • Same dimensions as the Hayward® Super II Pump means no realigning of plumbing significantly reducing the time it takes to swap out your pump
  • Paired with a Century Motor. The most reliable pool motor in the world.
  • Same quality as Hayward®, Pentair®, Sta-Rite®, Jandy®, and Waterway®
  • Costs 30% Less than Comparable VS Pumps
  • Noise reduction design
  • Large 2” ports
  • Quick Disconnect Unions included ($40 Value)
  • 18 Months Motor Warranty
  • 12 Months Housing Warranty
  • Self-priming (the pump can be placed up to 10' above water level)
  • Quick & Easy basket removal
  • Clear Lexan™ cover makes it easy to see when basket needs cleaning
  • Large capacity basket
  • Basket design ensures free flow of water
  • All components made of corrosion proof plastic
  • Heavy-duty, high performance motor for quieter, cooler operation
  • Easy access to all internal parts for servicing

 Pump Curve



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Note: NOT California Title 20 Compliant. 


Product Specifications

1.65 HP
Pool / Spa Type:
230 V
10.5 amp
Service Factor:
Total HP:
1.65 HP
Port Size:
2 in.
Pump Model:

?     Asked on 4/22/2022by Jeff

Can I automate this with a mechanical timer switch?

A  Answered on 4/22/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Rich N.

Hi Jeff, variable-speed motors like the one on this PureLine Prime VS pump are designed to be powered on all of the time so they can run their own schedules from the onboard controller that you program.  The motor manual tells you how to program it so you can really save on your electric bill. 

  • Commented on 4/24/2022 by Product Owner

    Thanks for the info! Would be nice to get rid of the old mechanical timer!

?     Asked on 5/9/2022by Bob Whistler

PureLine Prime VS. Does it have a freeze protection feature? Does it have a diagnostic option? Who makes it it? Meaning is is possible a Pentair with just a different name shown due to the model? My pool is 25,000 gallons and the piping ios 2 inch and the skimmers are roughly 12 feet and 35 feet away from where the pump would be located. I have kept my equipment in a large shed so all stay out of the weather. Is that an issue? I use a second motor to run my polaris. Can the pump do both?

A  Answered on 5/10/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Craig C.

Hello Bob.  The PureLine Prime VS - Variable Speed Pool Pump 1.65 HP - PL2705 is assembled in the United States by PureLine.  It features a Century Motors v-Green 165 motor with freeze protection.  Adding a V-Green 270 User Interface (optional) would provide the ability to conduct field diagnostics.  Reference the attached Installation and User Guide for plumbing Guidelines.  The Polaris Cleaner would require the Booster Pump to remain in operation.

?     Asked on 5/12/2022by james leister

I currently have Hayward TriStar SP3200X which has sprung a leak - it has the two speed SP3210Z2ME motor. By the time I buy a new one with new diffuser and impellar its over 1/2 the price of this - without a new motor. Could I replace my existing setup with this and have a whole new everything?

A  Answered on 5/12/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Craig C.

Hello James.  The Performance Data for the Hayward TriStar SP3220X with the SP3210Z2ME motor indicates a 97 GPM flow rate at 50 feet of head (high speed @ 3450 RPM).  The PureLine PL2705 has a 52 GPM flow rate at 50 feet of head High Speed @ 3450 RPM).  Presuming the TriStar was matched to the flow requirements of the pool, the PL2705 may not be the optimal choice.  The Hayward TriStar VS Pump - W3SP3202VSP performance more closely resembles the SP3210Z2ME.  Unless the current impeller and diffuser are defective in some manner, replacements may not be necessary.  

?     Asked on 7/20/2022by Kevin Curley

I have a 10,000 pool with approximately 45-50 feet of head. I need a pump, filter and in line salt. Looking for energy efficiency and easy maintenance. What do you recommend?

A  Answered on 7/20/2022 by InyoPools Product Specialist Craig C.

Hello Kevin.  The Pentair SuperFlo® VS 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump provides the energy efficiency and durability desired in a variable speed pool pump.  The Star Clear Plus 120 Sq Ft. Pool Filter 1.5" Ports provides an extra margin of filter area for a 10K gallon pool volume combined with easy maintenance.  The AquaRite Salt Chlorine Generator would provide sufficient quantities of chlorine for a 10K gallon pool volume to maintain excellent water quality.  The Aqua-Rite component-based SWG system provides a means to repair the system as economically as possible.


Est. Repair Time

4 to 8 hrs

Tools Needed

Hack saw and measuring tape

6     0

Single stage pump needed replacement.

Written on 11/22/2022 by Guest

Other than the tedious part of making accurate measurements, the installation was fairly simple. The new pump stood slightly lower than the single stage it was replacing so it was necessary to cut both incoming lines. This worked out quite well since the 3-way valve that joined the 2 incoming lines was old and it gave me the opportunity to replace it as well.
1. Turned off the power to the old pump and removed the electrical leads.
2. Removed the old pump and 3-way valve by cutting the pipes with a hack saw.
3. Cut the 2 incoming, 2-inch lines to the necessary height
4. Attached the 3-way valve to the incoming lines using EL joints so it matched the necessary height of the pump
5. Attached the pump to the 3-way valve with a short piece of 2-inch pipe so the out-flow would line up with the filter.
6. Measured, cut, and assembled additional PVC pipe and EL joints to connect the filter to the pump. The filter pipe size was 1-1/2 inch, so this required a reducer coupling.
--- Before gluing any fittings, I assembled them to make sure the measurements were correct.
7. Attached the electrical leads.
8. I filled the leaf basket with water.
9. Finally, I turned on the power.

Since this was a DIY, I did not have the equipment to pressure test the new plumbing, but I had faith in my gluing skills. All turned out well and there were no leaks.

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