How to Determine if My Dura-Glas Is Pre-'98 or 1998 to Present


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This guide explains how to tell if your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas is a pre-1998 or post-1998 model. This differentiation is important because the two use two different shaft seals, which is an important part that needs replacing when installing a new motor.

For reference, you can view the parts diagram for the respective pumps on the links below:

Step by Step


Step 1

MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER - If you are unsure when your pump was made, the easiest way to find this is to use the pump’s model or serial number. The two phases of Dura-Glas have model number variations that allow you to figure it out at a glance.

In the chart show on this step, you can see the three-digit suffix that ends with an L. For example, if your three digits begin with 18, the pump is 98 to present. If the suffix begins with a 12, you have pre-98.

If your pump’s model number is illegible, find the pump’s serial number on or around the model number sticker. Take a picture of the serial, then contact Pentair Sta-Rite at 800-831-7133.

Step 2

SHAFT SEAL AND SEAL PLATE - The Dura-Glas has two design phases for their shaft seal and seal plate, pre-1998 and 1998 to present.

As you can see in the corresponding picture, the pre-98 uses a shaft seal coupled with a metal cup (copper or stainless steel) that secures it into the seal plate.
The 98 to present uses a standard shaft seal that sits directly into the seal plate. 

The shaft seal and gasket kit options for the design phases are listed below:

  • Traditional Chlorine Shaft Seal (p/n: PSR-200)
  • Saltwater Shaft Seal (p/n: PS-3867)
  • Gasket Kit, includes Shaft Seal, Housing O-ring, Diffuser O-Ring, Lid Gasket (p/n: GOKIT54GOKIT54SALT)
1998 to Present
  • Traditional Chlorine Shaft Seal (p/n: PSR-100)
  • Saltwater Shaft Seal (p/n: PS-3866)
  • Gasket Kit, includes Shaft Seal, Housing O-ring, Diffuser O-Ring, Lid Gasket (p/n: GOKIT6)

Step 3

CROSS COMPATIBLE - The 1998-present standard shaft seal can be used with either design phase. To get the standard shaft seal to work with the pre-98 design, you would install the seal directly into the seal plate instead of using the metal seal cup. The rubber sleeve around the white ceramic ring ensures a snug fit. The GOKIT54 (and GOKIT54SALT) can be used with either variation of the Dura-Glas.

NOTE: The pre-98 shaft seal cannot be used on the post-98 design.



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