How to Replace a Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Pool Pump Motor


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Has your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas pool pump motor stopped working? If so, then it's likely time for a motor replacement; and you may be surprised just how easy it is to replace it yourself. In this guide/video, we'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to replace the motor on your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Pool Pump.

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Step by Step


Step 1

Turn Off Power to Pump - Shut off power to the pump by flipping the corresponding breaker as the fusebox.

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Step 2

Remove Bonding Wire - Unscrew the bonding lug and remove its wire.

Step 3

Remove Motor End Cap - To access the motor's wiring, take off the end cap by removing its two screws.

Step 4

Disconnect Wires - Disconnect all hot, ground, and neutral wires, and pull the wires out of the motor.

Only remove the wires entering the motor from the conduit hole.

Step 5

Remove Motor Assembly From Housing - To access the pump's impeller and internal gaskets, unscrew the clamp assembly knob. 

Unscrew the lock-ring knob to remove the lock ring assembly.

Step 6

Remove Diffuser - Remove the five screws on the diffuser flange, to remove the diffuser from the seal plate.

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Step 7

Stabilize Motor Shaft, Unscrew Impeller - Stabilize the back of the motor shaft with a 7/16th wrench so it cannot turn. While the motor shaft is stabilized, unscrew the impeller counter-clockwise direction.

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Step 8

Remove Seal Plate Bolts - Use a 9/16" wrench or socket to remove the four seal plate bolts.

Step 9

Remove Conduit Adapter - Before discarding the motor, unscrew the conduit adapter and set it aside for reuse.

Step 10

Remove Shaft Seal from Seal Plate - Use Plier or flathead screwdriver to pry the white ceramic ring and its rubber sleeve from the seal plate. Clean the groove, and ensure no leftover rubber sleeve is left behind.

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Step 11

Install New Shaft Seal Ceramic Ring and Sleeve - Place new shaft seal over its seal plate seat. Press it down into the seal's seat using a clean cloth.

Compatible Gasket Kits:

Gasket Kit Note - The GOKIT54 can be used with the pre-1998 and post-1998 pump housings. To use the GOKIT54's shaft seal on the pre-98 seal plate, remove the metal cup and place the new seal directly into the seal plate, as shown in the following step. 

Step 12

Set Motor on Pump Base, Install Seal plate - place the new motor on the pump base, use a 9/16" socket attach the seal plate to the motor flange with the four bolts.

Seal Plate Bolt Note: The four-bolt set includes two short and two long bolts. The longer bolts should be used to secure the bottom of the motor flange, which helps connect the flange, pump base, and seal plate.

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Step 13

Install Spring Side of Shaft Seal - Slide the spring-loaded side of the shaft seal onto the motor's shaft. The spring side's smooth black surface should be facing the smooth white surface of the ceramic side. Again, do not tough the smooth faces of either side of the shaft seal. If you do, be sure to wipe with a clean cloth. Any finger grease present on the faces of these components will foul the seal, causing a leak or damage to the motor.

Step 14

Stabilize Motor Shaft, Screw-on Impeller - Remove the end cap from the new motor so that you may stabilize the motor shaft with a 7/16" wrench. Once the motor shaft is secured, you may hand tighten the pump impeller onto the motor.

Impeller Note: Only hand-tighten the impeller, do not use tools like a strap wrench or vice grips. The extra torque these tools create makes breaking the impeller way more likely. Also, the motor spins in the direction, which keeps the impeller firmly in place.

Step 15

Reinstall Diffuser - Place the diffuser of the impeller use diffuser screws to secure it in place.

Step 16

Install New Diffuser O-ring - Remove old-diffuser o-ring clean the gasket groove. Apply a small amount of lube (comes with GOKIT) to the new o-ring and slide it onto the diffuser.

Step 17

Install New Housing Gasket - If you haven't already, remove and discard your old housing gasket, and clean the gasket groove with a cloth. Next, apply lube to the new housing gasket, then slide it onto the seal plate rim.

Step 18

Reattach Pump Housing to Seal Plate Using the Clamp Assembly - hold the seal plate and pump housing together as you guide the clamp into place. Then, begin tightening the clamp but turning the lock-ring knob. You'll likely need to hold the pump housing up until the clamp is secure.

Clamp Tip: While tightening the clamp ring, use a rubber mallet to tamp around the circumference of the clamp. This tamping action will ensure a tighter seal.

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Step 19

Reinstall Conduit Adapter - Screw on the conduit adapter to the new motor.

Step 20

Connect Wires to New Motor - Run the previously removed wires back into the new motor to reconnect according to the wiring diagram found on the motor label.

Step 21

Fasten End Cap - Reinstall the motor end cap to the back of the motor.

Step 22

Install Bonding Wire - Reattach the copper bonding wire onto the motor bonding lug.

Step 23

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Motor. If you have any additional questions, leave a comment down below, and we'll be happy to answer them.

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