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Pumps are one of the biggest energy consuming products used by your pool. So Inyo is looking to reduce the amount of energy your pump consumes and also to save you money on your electric bill. Modern Pumps have a much higher efficiency rating than pumps from 5-10 years ago. There are a few steps that you can take in order to reduce your cost and energy spending of your pump. Following these steps can decrease the amount of energy used by more than 75%

Step 1: Upgrade your pump
Modern pumps are much more efficient than their older models. The most efficient pumps on the market are the energy efficient (EE) pumps and the dual speed pumps. The dual speed pumps can be run at a lower speed which reduces the amount of energy used by your pump. A list of recommended pumps are listed below. California offers a rebate in most areas for use of these pumps. Click here for full California rebate program

Pentair Intelliflo Pump

Step 2: Reduce the amount of time your pump runs.
On average your pool pump should be run 8 hours a day. This will vary of course with the size and use of your swimming pool. A dual speed pump can be used to circulate your pool water for the given 8 hours per day, and will also reduce the amount of energy used by your pump due to it running at a lower rpm. Try reducing your time the pool pump is run (for example 6 hours a day) and see what it does to the clarity of your water. Obviously the more you use the pool the more you will need to run your pump and filter system. If your water looses its clarity or becomes out of balance go back to your previous pump running time, and try again.

Step 3: Downsize the current Horse Power of your pump.
Do you really need the biggest horse power for your pool pump? Although larger horse power pumps may increase the clarity of your pool water there is not going to be a significant increase. In reality there are better steps to increase the clarity of your water such as alternative sanitizers. To help size your pump please follow these guidelines.The horse power of inground pool pumps

Below is a chart showing the amount of energy you can conserve using Steps 2 and 3. You can reduce the amount of energy consumed even more if you follow Step 1 and change your pump to a EE pump or a dual speed pump.

Savings from Pump Conservation Measures

Condition Energy Use (kWh/year) Cost of Energy ($/year) Energy Savings
Original 3000 $240 ----
Pump replacement (downsizing) 1800 $140 40%
Reduced time (60%) 1200 $100 60%
Combination of above 720 $60 75%

Studies were done in Florida. Energy Savings will vary depending on your pool's climate and size.
Table courtesy of Home Energy magazine
Here is a list of Inyo's recommended and higher efficiency pumps.

Find out what you save. IntelliFlo Pump Cost Calculator

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