Jacuzzi Magnum Force Pump 3/4 HP



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Product Description

  • Patented air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damage to shaft seal. UNCONDITIONAL ONE YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST SEAL FAILURE.

    Exclusive dual Ring-Lok™design gives "tool free" access to strainer basket and pump internals.

    208 cu. in. (3411 cm3) heavy-duty strainer basketwith exclusive priming tubefor superior priming capabilities.

    Exclusive flap prevents debris in the pump strainer, skimmer basket and filter from flowing back into the pool. The flap also prevents residual hot water in the heater from flowing into filter and causing damage to grids, valves, gaskets, etc.

    Internal ribs in large strainer basket assure flow, even when filled with leaves and debris.

    One-piece casee   liminates bolts and gaskets and provides for quiet operation.

    Flexible connections- 2" (51 mm) FNPT or 2" (51 mm) unions (included).

    Floating eye seal   between closed impeller and diffuser maximizes efficiency.

    Maximum water temperature 104 °F (40 °C).

    Energy saver motors(1/2 HP - 3 HP) are standard on single speed units.

Dimensions of the Jacuzzi Magnum Force pump
             jacuzzi_magnum_dimensions.jpg (11973 bytes)

Performance of the Jacuzzi Magnum Force pump

Gallons per Minute vs. Resistance to Flow (Feet to Head)
Horsepower 30ft. 40ft 50ft 60ft 70ft 80ft 90ft 100ft
3/4 HP 55gpm 46 34 15 - - - -
1.0 HP 74 68 62 54 45 33 - -
1.5 HP 85 79 72 65 56 43 - -
2.0 HP - 108 99 90 80 69 51 31
2.5 HP - 120 111 102 92 80 67 52

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3/4 HP
Port Size:
2 in.
Service Factor:
3450 RPM

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Ask a Question

Asked on 12/09/2015 by mike

what size pump do i need for 20x40 foot pool (36000) gallons

Inyo Answer

Answered on 12/09/2015 by Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi Mike, This Pump can be used on a 36,000 gallon pool depending on the total feet of head of your pool. I would recommend calculation the TFH of your pool using our How To: Size a Pool Pump guide to confirm if this pump will provide at least 75 GPM based on the feet of head of your pool to achieve an 8 hour turnover rate.

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