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Sta Rite Heaters Max-E-Therm

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777070086 Appliance Adapter, Stainless Steel - Heat-Fab Venting
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777070076 Metal Flue Collar 4" x 6"
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777070077 Metal Flue Collar 4" x 8"
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Heavy-Duty Units with Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchangers stand up to the harshest swimming pool applications, like low pH, high flow, saltwater pools and heavy use.

*Please Note: The purchase of any of the above heaters does NOT come with an Indoor Draft Hood. The purchase of an Indoor Draft Hood is required when placing your heater indoors.

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Heater Features:

Rust-Proof Enclosure - Unlike conventional metal enclosures, the Max-E-Therm is made of Dura-Glas - a sleek, lightweight and rustproof material that withstands heat and the elements.   Has a 10 year warranty and smaller Dimensions!

Exact Temperature Controls - Weatherproof temperature controls that can be set to your specifications.   Pivoting UV-resistant plastic visor covers the Digital Display.   Accommodates temperatures for both a pool and a spa running off of the same heater, in Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C).

Energy Efficient - PMG combustion technology improves Efficiency and reduces operating costs.  Also provides faster heat ups.  The three sizes available are 83% efficient or higher.

Safety - Internal safety feature sets maximum temperature levels.  Full diagnostic lights for troubleshooting problems.  The diagnostic indicator lights tell you whether to service the heater or the pump/filter system.

Environment Friendly - Exceeds all air pollution standards.  Electronic ignition enables you to never worry about a pilot light blowing out or leaking gas.

Proven Sta-Rite Technology - The Max-E-Therm Heater is the newest member in our family of advanced technology pool and spa products.  Our quality pumps and filters have been used for years to enhance the enjoyment of pools and spas nation wide.

Warranty - 2 years Parts and Labor


  Temperature Rise Per Hour (Pool Size in Square Feet)
BTU Size 500 Sq. Ft. 650 Sq. Ft. 800 Sq. Ft.
200 1 degree 1 -
250 1 1/2 1 1/2 -
350 2 1 3/4 1
400 2 1/2 2 1 1/4


Sta-Rite Heater Replacement Parts

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Electrical Components
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Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Water System