Waterway Pump Parts: Select Your Pump Model

Looking for replacement parts for your Waterway pool pump parts? At Inyo Pools, we offer a complete selection of high-quality Waterway pool and spa pump replacement parts at competitive prices for popular models such as:

Some of the common parts you may need to replace on a Waterway pool and spa pump include:

  1. Motor: The motor is responsible for powering the pump. If the motor fails, the pump will not work. 
  2. Seals & O-rings: Seals prevent air and water leaks in pool and spa pump housing seams. Over time, the seals can become worn or damaged, leading to leaks and reduced performance. 
  3. Impeller: The impeller draws water into the pump and pushes it through the pool's filtration system. Over time, the impeller can wear out or become clogged with debris, leading to reduced flow or efficiency.
  4. Capacitor: Capacitors provide the initial boost of power needed to start the motor. If the capacitor fails, the motor may not start or may run inefficiently. 
  5. Pump Lid And Strainer Basket: The pump lid and strainer basket help keep debris out of the pump and protect the impeller. These parts can become cracked or damaged over time, leading to reduced efficiency and flow. 


It is important to regularly inspect and maintain your waterway pool pump to ensure it is working properly and replace any worn or damaged parts as needed.

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