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Hayward Pressure Cleaner


Hayward Pressure Cleaner - Phantom
The world's only total Hayward pool cleaner has finally surfaced! Introducing the Hayward Pool Cleaner Phantom, designed to totally clean the pool's bottom, walls and steps and automatically rise to skim debris from the top of the water.No Debris Is Out of ReachThe Phantom features a world of advanced technologies for added convenience and unmatched cleaning performance. Not only does it clean the bottom and sides of your pool, it automatically rises to the top and skims the surface. In auto mode, Phantom cleans the bottom and sides for approximately 13 minutes, and then the surface for seven minutes - repeating the cycle until your pool is amazingly, totally clean. The average pool can be completely cleaned in under three hours. You can also set Phantom to clean bottom only or top only. It's a custom-made clean that only the Hayward Pool Cleaner Phantom can deliver

Hayward Pressure Cleaner - Viio Turbo
Dirt never saw it coming! The Hayward Pressure Cleaner Viio Turbo High Performance pressure cleaner sets a new standard in automatic pool cleaning technology. With a 41% wider vacuum nozzle, a large 6-quart debris bag and a highly effective sweep hose, it makes quick work of the most difficult debris. Its programmable AquaDrive water jet propulsion system allows pool owners to customize the cleaner's random cleaning pattern and better cover pool surfaces.

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