Swimming Pool Pumps

Pool & Spa Pumps

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool and vital to healthy and safe swimming water. A pool and spa pump’s main duty is to circulate water from your pool, through your filter, chlorinator or salt system, and heater then back to the pool through the return lines. A pool with a correctly sized and functioning pump is a safe pool.

Inground Pool Pumps

Inground pool pumps can be categorized into two groups: high flow or high pressure.
Your standard high flow pool pump model is meant for small to medium-sized pools. This type of pump includes models like the Hayward Super Pump, Pureline Prime, and Pentair SuperFlo or Challenger CF Series which are ideal for a simple, no-frills application.

High pressure pool pumps are designed for medium to large inground pools or ones with a variety of water features like waterfalls, fountains, or attached spas. Pump models in this category are the Haward Super II, TriStar, Pentair WhiserFlo, or Challenger CH Series. Inground pool pumps are self-priming, which means they pull water above the pool’s waterline without assistance. Some models can self-prime up to 10 feet below that installation point.

Inground pool pumps are available with single-speed, dual-speed, and variable-speed motors. Each speed increases the motor’s energy efficiency.

Above Ground Pool Pumps

Above ground pumps are gravity-fed and not self-priming, meaning they must be installed below the pool’s waterline. When sizing an above ground pool pump, we suggest matching the horsepower to the pool size (dimensions or gallons.) The model is less critical with above ground pool pumps than inground pump models. This is because they have similar flow rates when comparing them to the same horsepower.

The similar performance between above ground pump models allows you to be more price-conscious when selecting your new pump. Inyo’s pool technicians suggest the Pureline PureFlo XL to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Spa Pumps

A spa pump is designed to be compact, while maximing flow for your spa jets and sanitation. The options you need to be mindful of when selecting the correct pump for your spa are port size, discharge pipe location (Top or Side), voltage, speeds, and horsepower. We are a trusted partner and reseller of top spa pump brands like Waterway, Aqua-Flo, and Hayward. Our spa and spa accessories experts can help you find the correct pump or replacement spa pump parts to fix your current spa pump.

Replacement Motors

Find the correct Century (A.O. Smith) replacement pool pump motor by searching the Catalog (CAT), Model (MOD), or Part (P/N). To confirm you found the right match, compare your motor label’s listed Horsepower, Service Factor (SF), Volts, and Frame (FR) to the motor we suggest. Don’t forget to pick up your pool pump’s seal kit when replacing the motor. The seal kit includes all the gaskets for your pool pump to make sure your pump motor stays dry, and the pool pump is watertight.